Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Because YOU Can

One of my weight loss surgery community friends is taking on a challenge.  Rob, of Former Fat Dudes, is going to be doing what he calls, "The Dash from Obesity", via the Warrior Challenge.  This is no small feat.  It will take not only physical agility, but mental strength.  The same mental strength it takes to stay the course and consistently make the right choices to live in a healthy way every day.

I'm always happy to support my WLS friends who are leading by example making routine exercise as part of their new lifestyle.  All too often I see post-ops who treat the surgical procedure as the total solution, and it's not.  Post-op life requires exercise to be healthy and fit.  Not just skinny. And it doesn't have to be grand-scale triathlons either -- just walking... anything that makes you move and challenges you is great!

Rob is on a fundraising drive for 3 very worthy organizations who's only focus is eradicate obesity: The Obesity Action Coalition, The Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America and the Turn The Tide Foundation.  Turn the Tide resonated with me most, as I firmly believe in teaching our children good lifestyle habits from the get-go is important to their fundamental understanding of how to live and eat healthy.

Here's how it works, in a nutshell:  You make a donation to one of these organizations and forward the confirmation to Rob.  See his website for complete details on how to help.  For every $10 dollars you donate, you win an entry into a prize drawing.  Rob's got quite an offering of prizes too -- his sponsors have really come through for him! So he wins, the organizations win and you (might) win -- so it's a win-win-chance-to-win for everyone involved!

I say, if this guy can push himself to the edge of his physical capabilities, the least we can do is spare a few bucks and make a donation to one these organizations he supports.

So quick, before you run out of time, visit Rob's blog, read up on the details, and make your donation today!

He's doing it because HE can.You can do this because YOU can. (and because I super-nicely asked)

:)  Thanks!


Last week was a decent week of training.  I'm growing more accustomed to the early-morning weekday workouts.  Not sure my GI system is yet, but I'm working around that.  :)  It's also helping to balance things better with my family.  With Hubs starting to train for triathlon as well, balance is important.

Just 2 more days of Kindergarten and day camp starts for Cass-a-frass.  She's excited to start camp, if only for the chance to swim everyday.  She still wants to be a swim coach when she grows up, but apparently now wants to also paint nails.  LOL

My best friend came to visit this past holiday weekend and it was great!  She's so stinkin' awesome and every time she leaves I just wish I could either convince her to leave her family behind and move here or talk my Husband into leaving his job and relocating.  Cassie just adores her "Aunt Beth" and misses her just as much as Mommy does. *sniff*

My head still isn't quite in the Redman game yet.  I go back to the doctor next week to get answers as to what procedure I'll need to have done.  I'm training, but I feel like I'm in limbo and therefore lack some focus.  I didn't do my long run or long bike on Saturday or Sunday. I know... shame on me.  I did show signs of life on Monday morning and did my long run and swim.  So I'm only down a 2 hour bike; that's okay with me.  I can trade off 2 hours of biking for some desperately needed quality time with the BFF. :)

This morning I had a pretty good run/bike/run.  Running with no walk breaks and a tough spin class sandwiched in the middle.  My only goal is to stay as focused as possible between now and my next appointment. 

/end redman_week1


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

That's What Happens...

What happens when you watch the IMTX Awards video far too many times?  You get a surge of desire to race; to sign up for something.  Anything!  

I'm not completely crazy assed -- I didn't sign up for IMTX 2012, but I did contact the volunteer guy and pimped myself out and blocked out that weekend on the calendar.  I can't not be there!

Oh, and I did add another sprint to my schedule too. Hahaha!

This morning I received a link to the IMTX Volunteer recognition video.  I didn't make an appearance in this one, but my friend, Courtney, appears at 1:14.  She's a star!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ironman Texas 2011 Awards Video

May favorite answers to "Why do you do Ironman?"

"I'm probably a little crazy."
"I want to fulfill my potential."
"I do Ironman because I can and others can't."

This video is one hell of a motivating promo for the race! Makes me lose all sense and run out and sign up!

I can see the side of my head  for a half second, and several other club members made the video.  The guy who says, "I design space ships." was my triathlon club's President last year. :)

Fab Food Find: Athletes Honey Milk

I'll preface this review by first sharing that I did not receive any free product in exchange for a favorable review.  I really just like this product.  Basically when I review something, if I don't like it, I just don't write about it.  Keeps everything nice and friendly :)

The last several races I've been to have had Athletes Honey Milk available at the finish.  What I like best about AHM is that it's lactose-free.  Ever since my surgery some (only some) Dairy products, especially whey protein just kill my stomach and really cause, ummm, flatulence.  *blush*

Embarrassing?  Yes.  But as we say in our house, "Everybody "toots".  However, on whey protein, I couldn't stand myself!

I've had to be creative with meeting my protein guidelines being a post-op of gastric bypass.  A high protein diet is critical to maintain muscle because of the mal-absorption properties the surgical procedure creates.  I've been doing well finding foods high in protein and don't take up too much of my valuable pouch space. However I really need some improvement in post workout and post race recovery, especially if I'm going to keep doing 70.3 distance events, and ultimately the full 140.6.

I slack in this area mainly because of convenience.  Classic chocolate milk is too sugary and the lactose makes me  head "swooshy" -- some post-ops call it "dumping."  So that leaves me with protein drinks that in general reek havoc on my stomach, and therefore my friends!  I could "eat" protein, but it's not always convenient and requires planning, cooler, ice, utensils.  When I'm getting up extra early for an  early morning workout, gathering a cooler full of stuff to eat 6 hours later, is not going to happen.  Plus, no matter what, it's not as easily absorbed as liquid is.  Period.

I've been drinking the "light" flavors as a mid-morning snack. Just 150 calories and 60% of my daily calcium requirement.  In the afternoon, if I have a workout, I've been drinking the fully leaded version with 240 calories and 80% of my calcium requirements.  I still take my Calcium with Vitamin D Supplements (another important vitamin to post-op life), but it's nice to know I'm getting enough with my food.

Of the "Light" flavors, the Strawberry Banana and Coffee are my favorites.  Of the fully leaded flavors, I like the Vanilla and Honey flavors.  To me, the chocolate is good -- just not one of my faves.  I need to have Hubs, our resident choc-o-holic, taste it and give me his expert opinion.

The Honey Milk works for me.  For someone who might be extremely sensitive to sugar in the form of honey, their experience might be different.  So be careful.  The product does contain honey, but also uses sucralose for sweetening. 

Try to snag a free sample bottle if you see them at a race! I've found the product at local HEB stores and Honey Milk's Facebook page is offering a 15% off coupon when you "Like" them.

Monday, May 23, 2011

What's Shakin'???

I've been MIA from the blog for a couple weeks.  I've been enjoying my "lighter" training load, although it's still been around 12 hours a week.  Hmmm.

In any case, I'm trying to work it all so that I get the majority of my training in the early morning.  It's been working for the most part and I'm kind of liking being home after work.  The change came when on Mother's Day Cassie left me a note telling me how great a Mom I am, but that she misses me (when I'm training).  I miss Cassie and Darren too when things get crazy, so my schedule needed some balancing. 

So I went back to my Endo and the Armour is doing well for me.  I'm down a few pounds, but still at the low-end of the TSH range.  We're upping my dosage by about 30% and hopefully that will help alleviate some of the classic symptoms I started to experience again going from Levoxyl to Armour.  The Armour just makes me NOT feel like I'm taking meds. It's wonderful!

At the Hematologist's office, the news wasn't as good.  My iron, in spite of the infusion, is not where he expected it would be for the dose I was given.  He said he couldn't cut me loose yet; I need to go back in 3 months and be rechecked.  It's quite possible I'll need another infusion.  Ugh!  I also have to deal with the possible Fibroid issue.

Hopefully the cause for the ongoing Anemia is the Fibroids.  Last week I saw my OBGYN and discussed the problem.  I have to have a biopsy (to rule out Uterine Cancer) and then either an Ablation or Hysterectomy, depending on what they find in the ultrasound. Either way, having another child isn't an option.  That was kind of a tough pill to swallow.

In category of good news though, Ironman Texas and my Daughter's recital were this weekend.  Each of them equally fun :)  It was a crazy weekend of back and forth but it was so worth it to see my little girl in Peter Pan and my friends race Ironman Texas.  Courtney, one of the original "Tri Divas" who I blame credit for getting me into this "thing" with organized sporting events and ultimately triathlon, came to Houston and volunteered with me.  She got a dose of my Tri Club peeps and one of my coaches, who was riding her a$$ about swimming and why it was such a challenge for her.  True to his form, he was relentless and left her thinking.  Thinking what, I'm not sure.  LOL  Anyway, it was great to spend time with Coco... almost 6 years is far too long!

As for training, last week was a little sketchy.  This week begins Day 1/Week 1 of Redman 703. training, so I have to start taking things a little more serious and not shifting and snowballing workouts.  My training buddy is doing awesome and is a very good state of fitness right now.  I'm so glad he decided to go for the 140.6.  I know he's going to be awesome and just kill it!

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Hump Day Training Progress

I just didn't have my run in me last night, so I promised myself I'd wake up extra early, and run through the neighborhood to my spin class down the road at the Y.  I left the house at 4am and got to the Y by 4:45.  Stretched a little and hopped on a spin bike. I missed a transition run on Tuesday, so I decided after spin I'd do that today as well and ran home after Spin.  This worked out pretty well!  I'll probably run there and back from now on.

So I had myself a mini duathlon this morning... competing with just me, myself and I.

Of course this is like the 3 weeks out of the year where the weather is perfect here in Houston.  This morning I left for my run and could see my breath in the headlamp -- that was kind of wild.

What was wilder, is my legs felt pretty darned good.  In fact I felt good all the way around.   I felt good.  Running. What?  :)

Okay, maybe I'm jogging to real runners.  I see it as not having reached my full potential yet, but I will.

In short, my first run was at a 12:17 pace for 3.5 miles.  I've been dying to break 13 -- I've been knocking on the door but I hadn't really seen it consistently.  I'm starting to see 12 something on every workout now!  Yay!

My transition run after spin was 1.6 miles at a 12:25 pace.  Expected it to be slower, BUT I ran the whole thing without my :30 intervals and built my intensity to the end.  I was so surprised my legs didn't feel like crap-ola!

Coach called this morning to say, "Good run this morning!"  He is thinking I need more taper/recovery before a big race.  We're three weeks out from Galveston 70.3 and my legs are feeling good.  :)

Have to celebrate the small stuff.  

Also, I would guess that Iron Infusion is helping tremendously.  I went to Dr. M on Monday and he said that my Iron did come up, but not as high as he expected, given the dose I received.  He said he can't cut me loose yet.  I have to go back in 3 months.

The other thing that is complicating matters, I believe, are Fibroids.  :(  My OBGYN toldme I had them when I delivered my Daughter, but they weren't a problem.  Now I loose sooooo much blood during my period that it doesn't help my Anemia.  Ugh.  Like I tell my Daughter, "Mommy is broken."  LOL

Wednesday, May 04, 2011