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A New Way to Party (on a Road Bike)

You have got to watch this.  You won't regret the 5 minutes and 21 seconds!

2012 Houston Tri... I mean Aquathon at Towne Lake

Race Report... The week after Redman was the Houston Triathlon. At the beginning of the tri season I signed up for the TX3 series put on by On Ur Mark Productions.  It's a competition of three races, plus you got a discount for early registration.  I figured what the heck, I'll save some money, since I won't be in it for the fame.  Plus On Ur Mark does great events. Kemah Triathlon ended with me in the med tent after pukin' my guts up off the bike.  Took in too much salt water on the rough swim.  Had knee surgery in July and bailed on the Bridgeland Triathlon -- only to ease my way through my beloved River Cities Triathlon (didn't realize they were on on the same day, so there went my savings). Houston Triathlon, now turned Aquathon.  Poor weather canceled the bike portion of the race; safety prevails. My tri season:  0 for 3.  :( After my Redman sprint experience you might bet I was ready to go.  My bike was so clean there was no way one bit of negative

Redman 2012 Spectating, Sprint & A New Kind of Crazy Brick!

I've been to Redman for the 70.3 twice now, but this year I didn't plan to race. I just planned to support my training buddy's first Iron-distance effort. He's pretty much been training for 2 years, since he had to defer last year with an injury, but there was no way I was going to miss it. As is usually the case, when I decide not to do something, I turn around and do something anyway. This was the year of the Club Championships, so they offered Sprint and Olympic distance races the day after the 70.3 & 140.6 races. I needed a workout anyway, so figured I'll just do the Sprint for fun. Nothing is ever for really JUST for "fun" though right? We all have those super secret goals in our head we never speak out loud because they have no basis. Although my training had been inconsistent since July, I still wanted to do well -- realizing of course I really didn't deserve to do well; I had not put the time in. See? No basis. Anyway, spectating the day be

2012 Redman Race Report -- The Hombre

There's really no excuse for it -- my complete inattention to blogging.  I have a lot of thoughts in this noggin of mine, it's just getting it to my fingers and keyboard... that's a different story. So here's my race report spectating at the Redman 70.3 and 140.6 distances for 2012.  No, I didn't race the 70.3 or 140.6, and I didn't even take an aquabike option.  Sunday was the National Club Championships where they held an Olympic and Sprint.  Coach did the Olympic and I did the Sprint (race report to come).  My reasoning was, I wasn't really there to race that weekend; I was mainly there to support.  Why not get a workout in, right?  This weekend was not about me -- this weekend was about my teammates achieving their actual goals or hit benchmarks working towards them.  My Training Buddy (TB) and I have been training together for 4 years now, I guess.  In that time we've both had some highs and lows.  Moments of fear and anxiety.  Moments of a grea

Getting Re-focused

Bricking... well, grabbing a drink. Post-surgery it's been a little challenge staying focused.  It's about to become more challenging with Swim Team for Cassie starting up again, School (for Cassie), and Hubs now training for his first Marathon, not to mention his work schedule is a bit demanding these days. It's not that it's insurmountable, it's all about getting through it and then improving the efficiency of the routine. It takes planning and communication.  I"m a planner.  Hubs is not.  We manage, though sometimes it can be tough when the pressures of everything else come crashing at the same time.    Tonight I'm supposed to be bricking but I have so much on my plate before a busy weekend.  See how well I'm utilizing my time right now?  I'm blogging! This weekend is Clear Lake International Triathlon.  I'm doing a relay, since my biking and running really aren't up to par yet.  The Race is on Saturday and I'm looking forw

Race Report: 2012 32nd River Cities Triathlon

This makes the 3rd year in the row for this race :)  I really do love this race!  The course is so much fun.  It's challenging, but certainly not insurmountable.  I made the trip up to Bossier with a group of club friends.  My BFF made her way up there as well (from Dallas) and we got to have a little visit. A nice addition to my 36 hour excursion from home.   :) We stayed at the race host hotel, Diamond Jacks.  I really don't reccomend it, though I will say that Roderick really did try to accommodate our disappointment, which was beyond anything he was capable of rectifying. Diamond Jacks is an old hotel/casino.  You can tell when you walk in the door. It has an *old* smell.  When we went to check in, they didn't have the non-smoking rooms we reserved back in April.  They told us they don't guarantee room types.  WTH?  I'm certain the triathletes to follow us would not be pleased with having to sleep in a smoking room.  We were quick to think, and  asked for a Ki

Nathan's "Greatness"

Just came across a video by Nike.  The Jogger, in the  "Find Your Greatness" series.  Nathan is a 12 year old from London, OH.  He is overweight and they have him jogging in the video.  Take a look here: The first thing I thought was.  Yay, Nike!  It's about time we see some images that inspire kids to move.  Not just any kids though -- those kids who think they can't even begin to start!  This image, in my opinion, is so much better for our kids!  These are the kids who really need to be moving, playing, jumping. It just might make them think, "If Nathan can, then why can't I?" And if you get them thinking, "Why can't I?" and they start to believe it's possible, you get them DOING.   It also made wonder how I would have received this message as a teenager.  I was constantly doing things I was told I was too "fat" or "overweight" to do.  It was a limiting factor over everything I wanted to do in my teenage

"Crazy" Brick

Every several weeks CC (aka Cranky Coach) has his athletes do a "Crazy" brick.  it's a workout that pushes you beyond where you think you are.  Beyond what will come easy.  It's good for your mind.  :)  I get almost as excited for CB day, as I do for a race.  Almost. I'm back to training but sessions are short... most are 45 minutes... maybe an hour here and there on the bike.  Certainly nothing long, and with good reason, since I'm not racing long this year and still recovering from knee surgery. This past Saturday I had a 30 minute run/1 hour bike/30 minute run.  Doesn't sound like much, but with my longest workout being 1 hr in the last 3 months, it's a challenge.  Add the heat as the cherry on this sufferfest sundae. :) My running is still slow, but I can still tell it's improving and is still improved over last Summer's hotter runs.  I'm between a 12:55 and 13:05 pace.  I'm not doing any speedwork until cleared by the doc, bu

On Hunger...

Not hunger for food.  For racing. It's been a recurring theme and I can't ignore it any longer.  a few weeks ago I was reading GoSonja .  She had received an amazing anniversary gift from her Husband -- some chit-chat time with Dave Scott.  Long story short, but you really should go read it for your self, Dave pegged her lack of hunger for racing for her less-than-what-she-desired race performance.    A few days later I'm reading a Lifehacker feed about changing the way you make your decisions.   Let's just say it involves a lot of "Hell, yeah!"   and not settling for "Eh, okay."  Go read that one too. Then I read a race report from another favorite blogger, Mary IronMatron .  Her 5th Ironman race at Lake Placid. Amazing, right?  But she wasn't thrilled with her performance.  She wasn't happy during her race.  She didn't have fun.  She realized she wasn't "hungry" for it. I was super hungry and super scared when it c

"Don't Quit" The Original

I was reading an article my Husband sent me on "How Parents Can Best Support Their Kids Athletics."  It pretty much reiterated what I had already known -- learned pretty much from my years spent at my Mom's dance studio.  she never wanted the parents hawking over the kids while in class because it always created confusion for the child as to who the authoritative figure was for the 90 minutes they were dancing.  In this article the coach said she was forced to learn this poem, "Don't Quit", before she could participate in swimming.  I thought that was a great idea.   Cassie had a fabulous swim meet this weekend.  Granted she has some low hanging fruit right now, but she did so much better than at past meets... and no DQ's.  She fell right into the groove and kept telling us how she was "relaxed" and that's why she was swimming faster.  LOL  Ummm, she's 7.  Haha! The Don't Quit poem is based on a famous poe

The Hardest Part... not crossing the Finish, it's showing up to the Start line."  I read that somewhere, can't remember where, but it always stays with me. Today the gun went off at the Start for me. I went for my fist run, post knee surgery! I was going to head to the track to run on a softer surface, but after going to bed late and oversleeping, I didn't have the 30 minutes to spare for the drive there and back. I decided I would simply hit the pavement in my neighborhood -- because Ironman waits for no one!. It was a slow going jog and I was a bit nervous at first. I did a couple of 5/1 intervals and then asked myself, "Why am I walking?" I mean, I was doing fine. Yes, there was a bit of soreness, but that's to be expected! So after that little motivational chat with myself, I continued and ran the remaining 1.5 miles, for a total of about 2.25 miles. This past weekend was also my first bike ride since my surgery and bike crash! I went an hour and

Never Enough Backers (or Cowbell!)

So far Bia's progress has been pretty darned impressive.  With 17 hours left they have just a smidge of $82k to raise to make this a real deal!  Swim Bike Mom backed this product to the point of doing a 5K match to backers! Why am I backing Bia ?   The reason I back it is because it's technology and technology doesn't move forward without a little nudge.  I think the features of this watch are up and coming and will be the standard down the road, but until the technology is out there, used tried and true, progress can't happen.  It's how progress works -- products are developed the competition starts, and from there may the best product win! What I love about Kickstarter projects is that you can be a part of that journey.  Even for  just $1!  Every dollar counts in these last 17 hours, but bump it up to $20 and you'll get a free, additional band with your Bia watch (should you order it).  Go $40 and they send you a super cute Bia tech running shirt now and

Dreams Don't Work Unless You do!

I'm officially back to "work."  as of Friday.  I went to Masters and did a 30 minute swim and felt pretty good.  Knee was a little fatigued, but that's okay.  It felt so good to be back doing something... ANYthing. I had decided to take the day off and get some things done.  After swim I had the opportunity to go to b'fast with some of the girls, and that was fun.  Dang, they all make me wish I was a teacher who had Summers off!  Hubs joked that I was taking the vacation day to train.  3 months ago, maybe, but this come back will be smart and slow.  On Saturday I hit the elliptical.  It was supposed to be just 30 minutes.  Ordinarily I feel like a rock-star on the elliptical, taking 2-3 minutes off my normal pace, however it was pretty sad how it was kicking my azz. No.  Really.  It was.  I was almost dying on these new Precors, that have the ski arms, so you are pushing and pulling the entire run. Anyway, I was determined to stay on it for 5k, which I did an

Cassie's Race!

Cassie did a local triathlon sponsored by the Kiwanis Club.  They have a whole series of Kids races throughout the Houston area.  She had tons of fun  and did well.  She's downright giddy on race days.  She gets right up and ready, faster than ever, as if just rising from the bed was a race too!  We arrived at the race site and she was enamored with the red sky. She insisted the red sky was good luck, in spite of the old saying, "Red sky by morn, sailors be warned.."   She stood by her opinion though and believed it was good luck.  :) She got into the water for a warmup -- she must have did a 300m warm up for a 50m swim!  LOL  She was having a great time and I could tell she really wanted to be there.  She's improving so much and I get inspired when she gets something in her head that she wants to make better and does.  This was the first race where she was 1st out on the swim! She was so proud!  In fact when they started it didn't even look like

Healthy, Pretty, Strong and London Bound

It's no secret that I'm a fan of weightlifting.  I really do enjoy it, but I also love triathlon and it's a challenge to share time between the two.  This year though, before my injury (which was related to walking in high-heels and not lifting or triathlon!), I was managing to get 3 days of lifting, along with my tri training.  I was getting stronger and loving it.  No one needs to make a believer out of me.  I AM a believer. I can't say I paid a ton of attention to Olympic weightlifting, in that I am an astute, long-time follower.   Several years back though, Cheryl Haworth caught my attention and I loved her story.  At the 2000 Olympics, 17 years old, 5'8" and 300 lbs., Cheryl brought the Bronze medal home.  On of my favorite quotes from her is, "It's fun to be strong."  Indeed it is. And I've always remembered that. For me, post-RNY surgery, I spent 2 years weight training with a trainer.  My only objective was to lift, so as to mini

Recovery and Rambling

Recovery is going well.  I'm still so very grateful there wasn't a detachment that required a repair, as that would have made for a far worse, much longer and would have required a brace and crutches!  There's still some swelling, and that keeps the joint a bit tight, but I'm doing my leg lifts and stretching my quad -- getting my foot closer to my butt every day. I'm starting to miss training a bit.  Can't say I'm missing running in the 108 degree weather we've been having the last week, but I am hoping to be able to start swimming and biking here shortly.  I called the Doc's office this morning to see if I could get in the pool and swim, even with a pull buoy, I'd be happier than doing more of nothing.  "CC" said to not pay for coaching for a couple months, until I'm good again.  My CF Coach said, she'll temporarily cancel my membership until I'm back to it.  I appreciate the savings, but it's strange to be "