Get the Party Started!

Well, this week starts my "official" triathlon season training, with my first race being the Memorial Hermann Kemah Triathlon.  It is an Olympic distance race.  That's my focus this year... nothing long. 

Each discipline of this particular race has it's own unique challenges. For the swim they take you out on a boat and drop you a mile out in the bay, where you jump off the boat and swim to shore.  Doesn't sound like a big deal, but it freaks me out a little.  Did this swim as a relay last year, which is why I decided to do the whole race this year.  The bike -- there's always the wind on the Gulf coast and for the Run, it's up and over the Kemah bridge for a 10k.

I lifted last Friday, WOD'd at CFBA on Saturday, did a 3 hour "Mad Spin" on Sunday, and made it to Masters this morning.  I'm off to a running start.

I'm starting out with a little nagging pain.  Seems my gastroc muscle in my calf has a lot to say to me lately.  Grrrr

As I've said before, I'm looking forward to this shorter season.  It will give me time to get healthy and more time for m family, who have been so awesome about letting my follow my 70.3 goals the last two years.   Darren is training for his first half marathon and Cassie starts training for her triathlons.  We'll be a busy family through the Spring/Summer.

My awesome Chiro posted these quotes on her FB page -- they're from program called Whole9 -- a Paelo nutrition program:

"If chasing performance is costing you your health, your performance better be paying the bills."
Yeah, this helps me keep my goals in perspective, for sure!
Here's to a healthy training and racing season!  
Are you racing?  What's your first race?


  1. Yeah for the start of tri season! I can see how getting dropped off a mile from shore would make you nervous. Hopefully, you'll be able to wear a wet suit.

  2. I like that quote. I'm not doing Redman, well at least not the full or half. I will do the olympic on Sunday. I will be volunteering Saturday though so I hope to see ya!

    I'm concentrating on myself this year more ways than one!

  3. @Mike -- Not to worry; generally this race has been wetsuit legal. Not fretting over it either way. :) @Christy -- I am certain to see you there! :)


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