Welcome 2012!


No.  Not you Donna -- You stay on the couch!

I'm watching everyone get rev'd about their 2012 goals and here it is day 3 of 2012 and I have yet to log 1 workout.  I'm sick as a Dog... sicker than I've been in a long while. Just a stupid chest cold, but it's kicking my ass.  It's kind of annoying watching everyone so happy and motivated when I want to "play" too!  Bummer.  Boo-hiss.

So instead, like every other blogger,  I'm going to try and reflect on the good that happened this year, and there was plenty more of it than is shown here.  Plenty more.  :)

Maybe this will lift my spirits!  I have to find my race buzzzz.  The Aramco Houston Half Marathon is 12 days away!  I need some excitement!  

My first sub 3 hour (barely) half marathon in the yuckiest of conditions. 

FINALLY landed Oprah tickets for her "Farewell Season" and took 2 friends.   Also got to experience the 3rd largest snow storm to hit Chicago!  Can you say forced vacation?  It was amazing though -- getting to share it with my BFF and another good friend made it all the more special for me!  Remember, triathlon training waits for no one... 3 sets of "Snow Angel Repeats" as dictated by Coach.

The Cassafrass starts training for her first triathlon with Bay Area Multisport's NextGen group!  She had as much fun training as Daddy and I had watching!

Memorial Hermann Galveston 70.3.  Took 42 minutes off the time of my first 70.3 race... and had Chris Lieto waiting for me at the finish (Okay, it was a coincidence!).  This race also marked my first trip to the med tent post-race.  Boo!  It all had a happy ending though!
"OC", Me, Lieto and Melanie (my OC2)

The inaugural Ironman Texas.  No.  I didn't race, but I did have my own little multisport thing going on that day!  My Daughter's recital and Volunteering for IMTX with TriDiva Coco!  Yikes, what a day of back-and-forth between the Woodlands and Galveston, but so worth it on so many levels!  And of course there was also Cassie's' FIRST triathlon to be proud of, and her 2nd place finish! 

1st PR'd for a first sprint distance race and 5K run at Y Freedom and Cassie's 2nd Triathlon!

Sadly, we lost another "TriDiva", Angel.  Really, that was her name .  She is fondly remembered by all.
Spreading her "peace"

Got to meet Dave Scott at the banquet before Clear Lake International.  He got to know our table well through some joking, but he gave me tons of information and things to consider during training and racing. 

Redman Triathlon 70.3 Distance.  PR'd for my 70.3  Wahooo!  Also got to meet a blogging friend, Christy at this race.  Lots of things learned this month too.  Lots of things.

Can you say, WTF?  Yep.  I qualified for the 5150 US Championships.  Crazy stuff, I tell you -- especially from a race a really wasn't up for mentally, to begin with. Annn-nnnd, to top off the month, Cassie had her artwork picked for the 2nd year in a row for CCISD's Imagination Celebration!

Everyone meet the newest Toler!  Otis! He's a Mastiff/Boxer mix we rescued fromt he local SPCA the day before Thanksgiving.  He's become an amazing part of our family.  Then there was the Turkey Day 10K that I PR'd...   Oh, and that *other* race that I earned my first DNS for, Oil Man Texas.  Bummer again, but still valuable lessons learned. 

And while I PR'd again for a half marathon distance at RunGirl 13.1, the best part of December was laying low and spending time with my family and friends, for a good, fun and still relaxing holiday!


  1. Great year re-cap! Congratulations on all of your success! Looking forward to a great 2012! Hopefully our race paths will cross! :)

  2. Love this!


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