Been busy-busy and lacking pretty well in the area of blogging.  Sad for the blog, but good for training and everything else. :)

First my Paleo progress has been good.  I'm down in weight each week, but more importantly I feel pretty good.  Energy for biking and swimming has been great!  Energy on runs was a little low it's coming together.  After a 2 hour bike yesterday, I negative split a 40 minute run.  I'd say that's a good thing.  :)

A bit bummed this past weekend though, in that I had to cancel a trip to Dallas to do the Hot Chocolate 15k with some friends.  I'm the Cookie Mom for my Daughter's troop and the "mega delivery" was this weekend.  I had to go out and get the troop's cookies.  Bummer.  The good thing is the BFF and I are looking for a more "eventful" event to do together.

The Cassinator is busy with swimming and gymnastics and today we're going to try out joining a "real" swim team.  This particular club offers a developmental team, and we were encouraged to get her to join.  It means I have to start my swims on M/W/F earlier, to get out of work early enough to get her there, but if she loves it and it turns out to be her "thing", then it's all worth it.

Hubs and I talk about it...  Take Michael Phelps.  Think about all thing things that had to happen the way that they did for him to do the amazing things he does?  He had to learn to swim, have the right coaches, committed parents, choosing the proper races and schools for exposure.  Plus so many things have to fall in place to have the epic success he has had.  So we say, "What if this her thing?" and do what we can to encourage it -- even if it drives Momma a little whacky. 

My hip has been on and off lately.  It's quite frustrating.  I went back through my training to figure out where things changed that might have an impact.  There were two things.  Running shoes were changed about a year ago (I've gone through 2 pairs) and my bike saddle was replaced.

I went from the Asics Cumulus to the Asics Tri Noosa.  I hated how heavy the Cumulus felt on my feet and felt the Tri Noosa, lighter weight, had enough cushion.

I ride a Cobb v-Flow saddle, but they make a V-Flow Max PLUS now, which is, Uhem... more appropriate for my size. :)  And I got some new handle bars.  After both of those changes I took a 3 hour spin after replacing the saddle and my knee was just screaming!  I've never had knee pain before, so that was a new one for me.  LOL

(Just want to take a moment to say how fabulous Ginger Cobb was!  I had been trying to find the saddle in white, but no retailers here had it available.  She was ready to go above and beyond and give me another saddle to use until their shipment came in!  I thought that was incredibly awesome!)

I immediately went back to my Magical-bike-fitter and it turned out my seat post had dropped and I needed general adjustments for the saddle and handlebars.  Everything is fixed and much more comfortable.  Cool.

My hip was feeling better and I did a fartlek run on Tuesday and it was just OK.  On Thursday, I did  Crossfit workout that had 250m runs in it.  I didn't have my proper running shoes that day and when I was done, so was my hip.  It hurt for the next  3 Days!

I got my new running shows; Asics Kayano (motion support and cushion) and hoped that after my hip felt feel better, I could start running in these.  I skipped my long run on Saturday because of the pain and hoped that after my 2 hour bike on Sunday I could get my 40 minute run in. 

As it turned out I had a great run after my spin.  I took it super easy (in the new running shoes, which are still heavy, but I know they are heavy with a purpose).  I concentrated on form form and went easy for the first 22 minutes.  On the way back, I continued to increase my speed and I was doing better than okay!  I was really surprised I was able to negative split the run.

So in the end I think perhaps the running shoes might be the culprit.  My entire first year of running I didn't have these kinds of problems, so that's kind of what prompted me to look at the things that have changed.  I guess time will tell if I found the root cause of the problem.  I sure hope so!

Gotta jet and pickup the kiddo; it's swim time!  :)


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