Happy Leap Year!

Where's My Head?  So I have some responsibilities at work when the month ends... guess who came to work, super early, a full day early?!?  Ugh!  Leave it to me.  Happy Leap Year!

Training:  Training is going well and I've been fairly  consistent.  Mad spin is over and we start riding outside again beginning this weekend.  I'm looking forward to nothing longer than a 2 hour long ride this season. :)
Last weekend I ran the Kemah bridge for the first time.  Did a couple miles flat then an over and back.  I ran from the bottom to top without walking; I was very happy!  Plus my last 2 miles were faster than the first.  Yipee!  This weekend I have 2 over and backs on my schedule.  I'm determined to be ready for running this bridge since it's now part of the Kemah Triathlon run course.  No excuses; it's in my backyard.

I have what my coaches call a "crazy brick" in 2 weeks. It's usually a challenge that makes you feel like you are almost going to die, but in the end you're glad you did it (and look forward to the next beating).  I have a 30 minute run, 2 hour bike and 30 minute run (faster than the first).  I actually look forward to this kind of torture; makes me feel accomplished when it is all said and done.   

In other triathlon stuff, I'm going to be captaining the Transition Aid Station for the Ironman Texas folks.  We had our first captains' meeting last night.  Many are doing it a second year and lived through he trials and tribulations of a first-year race; seems like a great group of people.  Incidentally, if you want to come work the aid station there are 7 spots left to volunteer at the transition aid station with me, but there are a multitude of other opportunities throughout the 4 days of the event. Check out the opportunities here.  If you want to volunteer for my aid station, it's called "Transition Aid Station 5:30 - 10:30 am".  You don't need to be a triathlete either; just a desire to help 2500 athletes live their dream.  The Aid station will manage water and ice in Transition.  

At the end of the weekend the Ironman folks host a volunteer banquet just for the volunteers.  Aid stations compete for different prizes and get awards and schwag.  Schwag is always cool!  My only thing about schwag is getting stuff that says "Finisher" for something I didn't do!  Last night they gave us 2011 Ironman Texas hats that said "Finisher" -- I feel like it's bad karma to wear something that says "finisher" for a race you've never done!  Especially an Ironman cap -- you gotta earn that!  Still a nice thought on their behalf though.  Maybe I can take a red sharpie to it and "red" it out to match the bill of the cap. 

Paleo:  I've been spending time surfing the Internet looking for Paleo recipes.  I've found several online Paleo references online that are helpful, along with some bloggin' Paleo peeps.

One of my Favorite recipes came from Helen at Doing a 180.  She also has battled Thyroid stuff, and has been having success eating the Paleo way.  Helen introduced me to Ina Garten's the Grapefruit & Avocado salad.  Sounds really odd, but it is soooo tasty.

Bacon, Grape & Broccoli Salad
Another recent find was on Paleo Diet Lifestyle site, Bacon, Grape & Broccoli Salad.   I know, another strange combo, but so good! 

The single key to being successful eating this way is planning and prep.  You absolutely, positively have to ready to commit to this part of it.  Admittedly on Sundays, after a long-ass training weekend, the last thing I want to do is peel and roast a bunch of veggies -- but I do it because it makes the week easier. 

I started a "Paleo-friendly Recipes" board on Pinterest.  Some are already proper Paleo, some just give me inspiration to adapt something to the Paleo format. 

Crossfit Strong:  My Crossfitting is still plenty of fun.  I really enjoy doing it as much as I enjoy watching the strong folks I "play" with.  They are quite a motivating group.  I just love how they work hard to be their best and work equally hard to bring out the best in each other.  It's a good group of people to be around energy-wise, for sure!  I'm improving on the movements and getting stronger with lifting.  I PR'd my back squats last Friday end my 5x5's with 5 x 80k (that's 176 lbs.) -- previous PR was 1 x 70k.  I love how I feel when I leave... body is quivering, but you know you did yourself good. :)

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