Things are goin' and blowin' here, as usual.   Over Spring break, Cassie headed to Alabama with Hubs, then came back and went to NJ with me.  Lots of fun spending time with family and had a chance to see a few friends.  :)   My Sister helped me get some workouts in too, which was awesome.  I'm officially "Jersey Strong" now, having worked out where The Boss does.  LOL

Ironically enough the so-called "quiet" time while Hubs and Cassie were gone was filled with training, errands and chores!  I did finally manage to get to "Painting With A Twist", which was lots of fun.  Also had a Silpada Jewelry Party; even more fun AND sparkly things.  BONUS!

I'm still sticking to all Paleo, all the time -- even while in NJ.  It was tough, but worth it.  I'm down 12 lbs. since 2/1 and more than an inch off my waist and inch off my hips.  Just planning to stay the course.  Ideally I'd like to drop another 8 lbs. before the end of April. We'll see how it goes.  I go to the Endocrinologist in a few weeks, so I'll be curious to see what she has to say. 

Crossfitting is still fun.  Still enjoying the weightlifting the most.  I'm getting stronger, and that's fun to me.  Besides, "Strong people are harder to kill."  :) 

Coach Thea asked me he other day, "When are you gonna realize you're a weight lifter?" It makes me laugh because I always think of this guy:


I've had some great PR's on my squats -- I'm up to 90k (that's 198lbs!). 

I've actually registered with a buddy for my first Crossfit event.  It's more of a fundraiser where they are doing the "Olivia" WOD.  It's 57 reps of several movements -- one member of your team moves at a time. A friend of mine goes to a different CF gym than I do, so our team is:  "Now, Play Nice Girls!" 

Because, as I am told, "Crossfitters are only *slightly* competitive." 

From what I see, I call bullshit.  :)

Tri training is still going, though it feels sooooooo much more relaxed training for the Olympic than the 70.3 -- I almost feel like I'm not going to be ready.  So strange to feel this way, but it's good -- I'm not complaining.  Kemah Olympic Triathlon is on April 29th.  I've been running the bridge and will start riding the course this weekend. My running is steadily improving too -- quite honestly I'm wondering when I'm gonna tank. I keep waiting for it...

My crazy brick was pretty good.  I had a 30 minute run/2 hour bike/30 minute run.  Nice strong runs on both sides of the bike, but went out a little too fast on the second run.  I need to keep that pace in check to start, otherwise I'll just fade into walking.  Doh!

Cassie started with a new Daisy troop this week, which seems way more organized and promising of a better experience for her, right off the cuff.  The kids are sweet and the leaders are awesome.  They have so many things planned in the upcoming weeks.  I hope Cass enjoys spending time with her new found Girl Scout sisters. :)


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