Paleo: Deviled Eggs

Made these for a jewelry party last night.  Who wants to serve snacks I can't enjoy!  Word is they were good!!

First make the Everyday Paleo Mayo here using Extra Light (tasting) Olive Oil. Don't use EVOO -- it will taste NASTY.

1 Dozen Hard-boiled Eggs
1/4 C. Paleo Mayo
1 Organic Kosher Dill Pickle, dice
2 T. of diced green onion (plus some for garnish)
1 tsp. Paprika (plus some for garnish)
Sea Salt to taste
1 T. Dijon Mustard
Cider Vinegar*

Boil eggs, peel, split in half length-wise.  Scrape out Yolks and place in a bowl.  Add the Mayo, Mustard, Pickle, 2 T. green onions and Paprika; mix until smooth.  If your yolk mixture is pasty , add some cider vinegar, a little at a time (and to taste) to make it smooth. 

Refill the egg whites with the mixture (pastry bag, or spoon).  Top with a green onion and a light sprnkle of Paprika. 



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