Shittay Training Weekend

It all started with what I've dubbed my "Dr. Phil" run on Saturday.  It was just a 1:30 run, which I was actually looking forward to, because I had 2 over and back sets on my schedule.

In spite of the crazy wind, I started out pretty good.  My first over and back was right into the wind (we had 25 mph gusts this weekend) and I had to take a couple few short walks -- but it was still good.  Did the 2nd non-stop, so I was pleased.  But damn!  When I came off the bridge my legs were done.  I didn't feel this bad after the repeat the previous weekend, but I just kept telling myself it would turn around and to keep running.

My pace continued to slow as my legs felt incredibly fatigued. I tried to get my mind off it all, but that took me to "work" issues, and I that brought me to a complete melt down.  Boo.

Determined to finish, I headed back to the bridge for my last set of repeats.  I was never more happy a run was over.  My staggering 14 min/mile pace was from all the boohoo'ing between repeats.  I felt so crappy about myself.

And with all this talk about being strong of mind this past week.  Where is the action that should go along with what I learned?  Hmmmm?

The next day would be a new day.  I had a 2 hour bike and a 1 hour run.  I was going to start over with my clean slate. It would all be good.

From the moment I started the bike my legs were burning with lactic acid; as if I was starting the 5th hour of a ride.  It was just crazy.  I spent the entire first hour trying to spin at high cadence, low cadence, high cadence -- whatever would work, but nothing.  It wasn't until I warmed up later that I felt better.  My staggering 15 mph pace for my ride was probably my worse in 4 years training.

It never got much better and by the time my ride was done I realized I had only drank about 8 oz of water. 

I started my run and in less than 1/3 mile I quit.  Just quit and walked home.  My legs were finished.  My mind was finished.

I begrudgingly uploaded my data to TP.  I knew I'd get a comment about my quitting.  As a good coach should do.

About 30 minutes later I get a text, "Yikes!"

I reply, "I lived it.  I know.  Is that all you got for me, Coach?"

Then the phone rings... my coach ringtone is "Fighter" -- go figure.

He said, "it's mental". When you run a 1/3 of a mile and quit, it's your head telling you it's not going to get any better.

And he's right.  As usual.

Some days are like that though, and you're best to cut your losses and quit, rather than slog through a workout that leaves you feeling less than confident.  I had been feeling so good about training, until this weekend. Then I spent the rest of Sunday feeling guilty because I let my head get the best of me.  Had it been a race, I would have never quit.

Totally unrelated note, I visited with the Hematologist today. My Hemoglobin and Iron levels are "normal."  My capacity for storing Iron is still a little low, so he can't cut me loose yet -- but things are better!


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