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Getting Ready!

It's Wednesday, which means 4 days until I jump off the boat into the Bay and finish the Kemah Triathlon.  I've done this race 2 years already, but always as part of a relay team (bike, then swim).  The swim is always a little nerve racking because it's a fast-paced, jump-yo-azz-off-the-boat-double-quick time trial start. While I"m trying to get my race week mojo on, I come across another of my favorites, Jeff at Dangle the Carrot , he's racing too.  He pointed out that he and some buddies caught some black-tipped sharks out where they plan to dump us off to swim back to shore.  Oiy!  Makes my stomach turn just a little.  I don't generally freak out, but this race's swim gets me all kinds of squirmy -- never mind adding the part of me being human "shark bait".  LOL I've been having a recurring nightmare that someone will jump in on top of me, not seeing that I've plunged 2,000 leagues under the sea before I surface again!  Check out t


"Nothing good comes of dressing like a girl.  Ever." That was my quote of the week, for last week. See, I made what seems like a weekly trip to the Sports store, because me, Cassie or Hubs needs something.  On Masters days I like to wear dresses... not because it's cute, but because it's easy and efficient.  I have to be in and out as fast as I can to maintain the working-mommy-triatlete schedule.  Getting the ready the night before has to be just as quick. It's much easier to grab a dress and shoes than it is to put together separates... especially when, at any given moment, there are multiple clean loads of laundry throughout the house.  There.  Justified.  :) Aaaaanyway. I'm walking in my heels and "Whooops!" Stupid cute shoes!! My heel just slips on the old school linoleum floor, I lost my footing and went down flat on my other knee.  I did break my fall slightly, with my elbow, but the knee took most of the fall. I fall and everyone is

Race Report: Houston Kids Triathlon

Of course I didn't do this race, but my Cassie (aka Cassinator) did... and boy did she have a blast.  So here's her race weekend through her Momma's eyes. :) I was a bit worried leading up to the race.  She had "Camporee", an all day, outside event with her Daisy Girl Scout troop on Saturday.  I knew she was going to be spent!  We made a deal though... we would go, but leave by 2pm, so she could get some rest and I could go get her packet. It was a deal. Until 2pm.  LOL Evidently it was not a "pinky promise." There were still some Camporee festivities to be experienced, so I let her stay while I went to pick-up the packet.  This turned out to be pretty good in the end. I got to the race site at University of Houston, and holy triathlon!  It looked like a 70.3 race is going to happen there, not a kids race!  I mean, I know they kept saying 800+ kids, but the reality of it didn't occur to me -- despite the fact that I've done races with

Taking Shape

Things are taking shape.. and shape for the better! I'm still holding true to my Paleo eating and have 2 weeks to go to reach 3 months.  I'm down 18 lbs. as of today, but more importantly, but more than 2" off my waist and the same from my hips. Energy is still good -- when I get to bed timely, and I'm able to have good workouts. :) I have been having some issues at work with an employee, and that's created some stress for me.  Cass-a-frass' new Daisy scout troop is busy-busy and some times I don't know if I'm coming or going  between trying to get her to all her events, training and  getting my domestic-ness on.  Sometimes at night, as much as I am tired and  know I need to go to bed, I just have to sit in front of the TV for a few minutes and decompress and do something that requires no thought or effort.  LOL This weekend is her girl scout Camporee, which will be a first.  She also has her first triathlon of the season on Sunday.  The bike on t

Geeez! Give A Girl A Badge!!

Give a girl a badge and a job and she thinks shes a walking version of awesome.  :) I was lucky enough land a v'teer position to "protect" the pros at Ironman Texas 70.3 Galveston!  In case you hadn't heard, dude, Lance Armstrong, was racing.  The bike! It was exciting and felt really lucky to get so close.  I admit I was a bit chicken to take photos.  The Ironman staff said it was fine to click a few, but keep it classy and professional.  At the last race he did all the transition volunteers left their posts and swarmed the pro racks.  Pretty uncool.  I really didn't take many photos... I never even took out my camera; just clicked a few with my phone.  The few I have aren't that good.  After they came back from the bike a took a few more, but that was it. I got to transition right a 5am and got my assignment.  I was not surprised by the media, given Lance was racing, but I was surprised how often they would try to get in to the pro area.  I thou