Getting Ready!

It's Wednesday, which means 4 days until I jump off the boat into the Bay and finish the Kemah Triathlon.  I've done this race 2 years already, but always as part of a relay team (bike, then swim).  The swim is always a little nerve racking because it's a fast-paced, jump-yo-azz-off-the-boat-double-quick time trial start.

While I"m trying to get my race week mojo on, I come across another of my favorites, Jeff at Dangle the Carrot, he's racing too.  He pointed out that he and some buddies caught some black-tipped sharks out where they plan to dump us off to swim back to shore.  Oiy!  Makes my stomach turn just a little.  I don't generally freak out, but this race's swim gets me all kinds of squirmy -- never mind adding the part of me being human "shark bait".  LOL

I've been having a recurring nightmare that someone will jump in on top of me, not seeing that I've plunged 2,000 leagues under the sea before I surface again!  Check out this video from the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon -- our swim start for Kemah is modeled closely after this, according to the RD.

.... after the Anthem, it's like an endless train of clowns exiting a VW bug!

Last night was track and it was okay.  I was supposed to to (3) 1 mile repeats at Olympic effort -- but for whatever reason when I'm at track, I always run faster.  I'm good when it's just me and the track, but when others start running there too, I just start speeding up -- not to be mistaken with running fast.  LOL  Just fast-ER than I normally do. 

After track I did some good stretching and worked my way down to a full a full squat -- that means I bent my knee more than 90 degrees for the first time after the fall. Yay!!!  I'm going for another treatment from my super hero Chiro on Friday and I should be good to go. 

I'm slowly getting myself excited for Sunday.  I don't know if it's because the training volume for this races is lower than the volume I've done for the last 2 years, training for three 70.3 races back-to-back, but I feel like I've omitted parts of training.  Days here and there, yes, but pretty consistent overall.

Makes no matter now.  Right?

I'm going to take in a 30 minute run at lunch, and massage tonight. :)

Brick tomorrow, swim and very light weight session on Friday, and finally, a quick bike check and short run on Saturday will take me to Sunday, race day... first of  the season for me. 

Oh, and if you have a moment, visit one of my favorites, Jenn.  She just got a pretty, sparkly, new Bike!  She's so excited and has waited a long time.  All the stars aligned and her dream came true!   


  1. Watching that video, I wonder how they do the start time with so many of the swimmers not entering the water until 5-7 minutes after the horn.

  2. Good luck this weekend and have fun!

  3. So, I learned an aero hydration bottle is actually a need and not a want!
    Thanks for the input. I was wasting way too much time stopping to drink.

    How was the race?


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