"Nothing good comes of dressing like a girl.  Ever."

That was my quote of the week, for last week.

See, I made what seems like a weekly trip to the Sports store, because me, Cassie or Hubs needs something.  On Masters days I like to wear dresses... not because it's cute, but because it's easy and efficient.  I have to be in and out as fast as I can to maintain the working-mommy-triatlete schedule.  Getting the ready the night before has to be just as quick. It's much easier to grab a dress and shoes than it is to put together separates... especially when, at any given moment, there are multiple clean loads of laundry throughout the house.  There.  Justified.  :)


I'm walking in my heels and "Whooops!" Stupid cute shoes!! My heel just slips on the old school linoleum floor, I lost my footing and went down flat on my other knee.  I did break my fall slightly, with my elbow, but the knee took most of the fall.

I fall and everyone is looking... "Well, you know what they say... the bigger they are..."

I collect myself and knew my knee didn't feel right, but quickly diverted my attention to my new sunglasses to make sure I didn't break them.  No worries.  They're fine.  Thank goodness!  "Hmmm.?" I thought.  "It's kinda hard to walk; it will be fine just need to walk a little."

I'm left the store, positive nothing was hurt more more than my pride.


I got back to the office and realize I can't bend my knee 90 degrees without excruciating pain -- like a 7.5 on a scale of 1-10.  So I did what anyone would do, texted my Chiro -- because she's cool like that.  :)

Next?  Called Hubs... voice mail.  No surprise. :)

So, I text my coach.  "Gotta be careful... this isn't your "A' race." I thought, "Crap.  He's right."  Boo.  I might not be racing.

I took my Daughter to swim team and another friend and Chiro has a practice right in the same place as swim practice.  I decided since I had yet to see my regular Chiro, I'd stop in just to get peace of mind.  I wanted to make sure nothing is hurt too badly, you know?

Turns out I have a bone bruise on my knee.

So Dr. C. explained it all to me and I slept easier. I will live.  I will recover, but it takes a little time.  Dr. C gave me a couple adjustments, got some flexibility back (without pain) and I walked out feeling better than when I walked in.  :)

That night I talked to my regular Chrio and she said from what it sounded like, she concurred.  I went in the next day to see Doc Thea for further treatment and it was already feeling a gazillion times better.  It wasn't a bad one.  Thank goodness!!

I took a couple days off of training and hit it again this weekend.  Ran a bit and had a good bike.  Had some pain at the top of each revolution with the bike, but I stuck it out and after it warmed up, it was seemingly  better (tolerable).

I'm going to give it a go this weekend; even though it might not be a perfect race and I might not be 100% -- I'll do what I can and just see how it goes and have some fun.

It's the first race of the season for me.  Yay!


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