Taking Shape

Things are taking shape.. and shape for the better!

I'm still holding true to my Paleo eating and have 2 weeks to go to reach 3 months.  I'm down 18 lbs. as of today, but more importantly, but more than 2" off my waist and the same from my hips. Energy is still good -- when I get to bed timely, and I'm able to have good workouts. :)

I have been having some issues at work with an employee, and that's created some stress for me.  Cass-a-frass' new Daisy scout troop is busy-busy and some times I don't know if I'm coming or going  between trying to get her to all her events, training and  getting my domestic-ness on.  Sometimes at night, as much as I am tired and  know I need to go to bed, I just have to sit in front of the TV for a few minutes and decompress and do something that requires no thought or effort.  LOL

This weekend is her girl scout Camporee, which will be a first.  She also has her first triathlon of the season on Sunday.  The bike on this is 3x longer than the distance she's used to riding in a race.  Hopefully she has a ton of fun!  The following weekend is just as busy, which her very first swim meet! 

It's about 2 weeks now until Kemah, my first race of the season, and training is going well.  I had a great swim this morning left me feeling really confident, which was good, because I was starting to feel like I had not been swimming enough.  My bike is okay -- no stellar improvements there (which needs to change in the near future), but my running is about 2 minutes/mile faster than it was.  That's a huge improvement.  I'll sacrifice getting better on the bike (for now) if it means my running is better!

For this race there is an Athena 40+ category.  There are about 10 competitors in this category -- no names that I know.  I looked a few up on Athlinks, just to see where I stand.  If I have a great day, I might have a chance to place.  Personally, if I can finish under 3:30 or less, I would be elated -- placing or not.  That would give me a good baseline for training leading up to the Hyvee 5150 Nationals.  I still can't say that and not shake my head and laugh because I'm going.  It's going to be a rare opportunity; a great time.



  1. Congrats on your weight loss and sticking to your plan!!! I know what you mean about coming and going......Good luck at your next race!


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