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One Might Think I am Racing!

That's how excited I am about this weekend; you'd think I'm racing!

I'm captaining the transition aid station located between the swim exit and the entrance to transition.  Then I'm working the Finish Line, early evening, watching these athletes achieve their dreams.

Damn, I've got chills already, just thinking about the energy.

I'm also getting the opportunity to attend a small meet-n-greet with Chrissie Wellington!

Aaaa-annnd, thanks to tri-peep-friends who work in the book store, I've secured my copy of her book and can't wait to meet her, see that infectious smile in person, and have her sign my book... oh wait.. maybe my aerohelmet.

Damn... choices!  What's a girl to do!?!

I'm certain some dribble, or nothing at all, will come out of my mouth since I'm likely to be completely star struck, but hey a girl can dream that she'll be mysteriously gifted with the talent to gab. 

How Things Work & Remembering

Today marks the 2nd anniversary of losing my friend and "sister" Elysha.  She's been on my mind since late last week, when I finally retrieved my tri jersey from her Husband.  I hated to ask for it in a way, because no matter how I asked, I just felt like a jerk!

Honestly though, I'm glad I did.  That jersey is even more special to me now.

When I got the jersey, it still smelled like her.  I know that may sound creepy to some, but it was comforting to me.  After all, I was racing the following weekend, why wouldn't I want to "feel" her with me?  And I know she was... in every picture taken I was smiling. :)  Even the pictures taken when I was running!

How things work...
Today is the anniversary of her death and I remember her fondly.  Today is also the day that my single, closest friend, besides Elysha, had some extremely wonderful  news of goodness coming her way.  I was so happy for her.  This friend is one of the most special people I&…

Race Report: 2012 TriGirl Super Sprint

If you've been reading you know that TriGirl Super Sprint was my "redemption" race after my very first DNF at Kemah.   I feel it's important to get back on that horse, so to speak, after something doesn't go well.  While it's not the same distance, it served the purpose.  See, the thing with Kemah was for me to finally see all my training come together.  I knew things were improving, but I just needed an opportunity to execute. :)

Race morning breakfast consisted of a sweet potato and 2 eggs over medium, 2 hours before my race start, so I had to take it with me.  I picked up fellow Mom and triathlete, Kathy, and we were on our way to celebrate Mothers Day with a race to start our day.

My new ride got a bit of attention from my friends.  I love how happy and supportive they were for me.  Riding this bike is like going from a Jeep to a Cadillac, seriously.  It's just amazing to ride.  I didn't really think there could be such a vast difference.

I got s…

Holy Tri Bike, Batman!

Just last week I was reading Jen's story, of her fairy-bike-god-family, helping her get her dream bike -- and now she's living happily ever after.  It's quite a story... sometimes it takes a village and her support system sounds like an awesome group of friends/family so go read it if you like. :)   In fact, the bike she got was also one that I admired as well -- what's not not to like about my favorite shade of "tough" pink. :)

Sooo-ooo... there's this bike I've been lusting over for a number of years... I first saw it leaning up against a tree -- had no idea who it belonged to, but I just thought, "Now that's a pretty bike!"  In general, bikes all look the same -- but this one looks completely different to me.  It's a Fuji D6 Pro.

I dare anyone to say that how a bike looks and it's color scheme doesn't impact their desire to purchase.  I fully admit it; I love how this bike looks -- it's what got my attention.  The fact…

Race Report: Kemah Triathlon (Olympic)

I followed my usual routine, prepping for my race.  I had a "normal" pre race dinner of me consisting of a lean grilled burger, veggies and sweet potato. Next morning ate my sweet potato and eggs for b'fast and downed a bottle of Extend (amino acids) and some Gatorade.  My sleep, the week leading up to the race, was not that good.  I have not been getting to bed on time and I have to admit I felt it a little.  :(

I arrived to transition early, as in before they opened! They were letting athletes in, so that was good. I got setup, checked my ins and outs, found my training buddy, and headed to the boat.

The boat ride was fun with my tri-peeps, and before we knew it we heard the National Anthem and a flyover by the Coast Guard; then the pros and elites hit the water.

The water was choppy -- definitely more of a challenge than last year.  I'm told there was a 1 knot cross current, making staying on course a challenge.  I noted on the way out that the buoys were all kin…