One Might Think I am Racing!

That's how excited I am about this weekend; you'd think I'm racing!

I'm captaining the transition aid station located between the swim exit and the entrance to transition.  Then I'm working the Finish Line, early evening, watching these athletes achieve their dreams.

Damn, I've got chills already, just thinking about the energy.

I'm also getting the opportunity to attend a small meet-n-greet with Chrissie Wellington!

Aaaa-annnd, thanks to tri-peep-friends who work in the book store, I've secured my copy of her book and can't wait to meet her, see that infectious smile in person, and have her sign my book... oh wait.. maybe my aerohelmet.

Damn... choices!  What's a girl to do!?!

I'm certain some dribble, or nothing at all, will come out of my mouth since I'm likely to be completely star struck, but hey a girl can dream that she'll be mysteriously gifted with the talent to gab. 


  1. I'll be helping out at Body Marking again! Have fun!!


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