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Healthy, Pretty, Strong and London Bound

It's no secret that I'm a fan of weightlifting.  I really do enjoy it, but I also love triathlon and it's a challenge to share time between the two.  This year though, before my injury (which was related to walking in high-heels and not lifting or triathlon!), I was managing to get 3 days of lifting, along with my tri training.  I was getting stronger and loving it.  No one needs to make a believer out of me.  I AM a believer. I can't say I paid a ton of attention to Olympic weightlifting, in that I am an astute, long-time follower.   Several years back though, Cheryl Haworth caught my attention and I loved her story.  At the 2000 Olympics, 17 years old, 5'8" and 300 lbs., Cheryl brought the Bronze medal home.  On of my favorite quotes from her is, "It's fun to be strong."  Indeed it is. And I've always remembered that. For me, post-RNY surgery, I spent 2 years weight training with a trainer.  My only objective was to lift, so as to mini

Recovery and Rambling

Recovery is going well.  I'm still so very grateful there wasn't a detachment that required a repair, as that would have made for a far worse, much longer and would have required a brace and crutches!  There's still some swelling, and that keeps the joint a bit tight, but I'm doing my leg lifts and stretching my quad -- getting my foot closer to my butt every day. I'm starting to miss training a bit.  Can't say I'm missing running in the 108 degree weather we've been having the last week, but I am hoping to be able to start swimming and biking here shortly.  I called the Doc's office this morning to see if I could get in the pool and swim, even with a pull buoy, I'd be happier than doing more of nothing.  "CC" said to not pay for coaching for a couple months, until I'm good again.  My CF Coach said, she'll temporarily cancel my membership until I'm back to it.  I appreciate the savings, but it's strange to be "

Some Good News!

Everything went fine yesterday.  Yay! Even better, because then the doc got in there, there was no detachment!  No detatchment, but, there was a big "flap" that had to be removed.  That stupid flap was the cause of all the pain.  He also cleaned up the back of the Patella and it's all smooth now.  Looks so pretty! Recovery is so much easier for this.  No crutches.  No brace!  I have to keep it iced and elevated this weekend, but on Monday I am free to get around and start my "homework." I'm soooo happy!

We Have a Plan...

So I saw Doctor number 3 yesterday.  We'll call him Dr. O Dr. O came to the same diagnosis as Doc #2, which I was thankful for, since Dr. O is in my locale and there would be no traipsing to downtown or Sugar Land for rehab. Yep. Rehab. The Meniscus is detached, different from a tear, from the coronary ligament.  Tears can be "cleaned-up", so to speak, by removing the damaged parts of the Meniscus.  In my case the Meniscus has to be repaired/reattahced.  I will have surgery (this Friday!) to get it fixed. Recovery will put me down for 6-8 weeks; crutches and brace.... but it can be fixed. "Fixed" being the most important part. I am focusing on that instead of the inconvenience of it all.  I want to work hard at rehab and come out stronger for it.  Damn straight I'll be doing my Paleo-best to help with healing.  Dr. O was great.  He was confident in his diagnosis and even drew me pictures! He also found it laughable that the first doctor mad

I'd Love to be UNbroken!

Cassie occasionally asks me if she can have a brother or a sister.  I always reply with a light-hearted, "I can't.  Mommy's belly is broken."  She takes that answer and I'm good with that.  :) It seems though I've been "broken" one way or another for the last 3 years, and frankly I'm just tired of it.  It's wearing on me to have to make so many visits to various doctors.  It makes me crabby, it distracts me from work and I just get downright resentful sometimes that I have to deal with so many "little" things.  I do recognize they are little things -- my situation could be tons worse. So the knee, after the fall:  I visited Dr. #1.  He never looked at the MRI, only reviewed the x-ray they took.  He basically told me that running was killing my knees (duh!) and that I had Arthritis.  Yeah, well, tell me something I didn't know.  He was very dismissive and had the personality of a rusty nail.  I was prepared with my spiritua

Meeting Chrissie!

It is time for some good stuff...  I mean, it is Friday after all. So one of the highlights for me at Ironman Texas was getting the opportunity to go to a Meet and Greet session hosted by Muscle Milk .  The opportunity came up quite by accident, but I was so grateful for it! I was assisting a local race director at packet pick-up.  She had asked me when I was planning to go down to the race site for the weekend.  I had told her I wanted to try to get there in time enough for Chrissie Wellington's book signing.  I knew it would be a challenge though because I just hired a new help desk person, and although he is very competent, I wasn't feeling comfortable enough to leave him for a half day his first week here.  I was on the fence,but leaning towards taking a chance.  LOL She says to me, "Well how would you feel about getting to meet Chrissie in a smaller, more intimate setting of like 12 -15 people?" Me:  "What?!?  Are you for real?" She said she&#

The Not-So-Good First

I really wanted to have some happy posting first, while I was playing catch-up-on-the-blog, but that's not in the cards given the morning's events.  I need to vent blog. I'll preface this entry with stating this is not a whine-fest.  This is more of a cathartic entry.  I do fully realize there are others out there who experience far worse set-backs than what I will proceed to explain. It's also not the logic that I have issue with, it's the emotion.  I've essentially been working towards a goal for a while now, and when seemingly things start to come together and just when I get to experience some small victories, I take a blow like this and it just got me emotional.  I guarantee it will only be momentarily, but I have to move through and deal with it, in order to move beyond it. So I took a fall about 6 weeks ago. It was nasty, right on my knee.  It had me down for a few days, but I was recovering with the help of favorite chiros Dr. T and Dr. C.  I knew


Okay, I've been really neglecting the blogging thing, have so many things to write about, but somehow can't find time to write about it!  More to come... Restructuring the body; it's going to happen! IMTX V'teering and becoming Chrissie Wellington's (un)official stalker, among the many highlights. Long weekend training (rant AND rave) Tejas Triathlon - Mental training all the way Ouch!  That smarts... my injury returns.  Bah!  What's the deal???