I'd Love to be UNbroken!

Cassie occasionally asks me if she can have a brother or a sister.  I always reply with a light-hearted, "I can't.  Mommy's belly is broken."  She takes that answer and I'm good with that.  :)

It seems though I've been "broken" one way or another for the last 3 years, and frankly I'm just tired of it.  It's wearing on me to have to make so many visits to various doctors.  It makes me crabby, it distracts me from work and I just get downright resentful sometimes that I have to deal with so many "little" things.

 I do recognize they are little things -- my situation could be tons worse.

So the knee, after the fall:  I visited Dr. #1.  He never looked at the MRI, only reviewed the x-ray they took.  He basically told me that running was killing my knees (duh!) and that I had Arthritis.  Yeah, well, tell me something I didn't know.  He was very dismissive and had the personality of a rusty nail.  I was prepared with my spiritual armor, for I had been warned about his lack of bedside manner ahead of time.  I was in and out of there with no more information than I had before the visit.

A few days later I visited Dr. #2.  He chatted with me; wanted to know the whole timeline.  I looked at the MRI, did a physical exam, and went back to the MRI. He suspects, but is not 100% certain, that I may have a meniscal tear right where it's anchored. He suspects it because it is in the same exact place as the bone bruise.  He showed me something on the MRI that would consistent with his thought process.  The plan is 10 days of anti-inflammatory to get the inflammation down and then check it out again.

Dr. #3 couldn't see me until the end of August, but after getting my MRI, they called me to have me come in today.  Since #1 and #2 were so vastly different, I want to hear what #3 has to say.

Right now I'm limited to cycling and swimming only; no squatting, no elliptical, no rowing... nothing of impact.

I went for a ride on Saturday, which was "fun-filled!" And because a flats aren't fun in it of themselves, I got to experience my first moving crash.  I feel like a legit athlete now!

It was the inaugural ride of the newly formed "Space City Convalescent Cycling Club!"  A friend of mine, recovering from some broken ribs, went riding Saturday.  Frankly the only way I could ever ride with her was if she was injured, because she's supah-fast!

Aaaannnyway, we finish the ride and decide to ride over to checkout progress on her house they're building not far from where I live.  We're just slowly cruising and chatting. I wasn't completely sure where we were going, so I was waiting for direction as we rode.  She thought I knew where I was going and turned in front of me.  I tagged her wheel and went down.  Some road rash, bruises and a good bump on the head from the double-bounce in the brain bucket, but with the exception of a nagging headache, I'm no worse off than I was to begin with.

After that experience, here's a couple things to remember though whenever you ride:

1)  3 c02 cartridges (2 min) -- because you always screw one... or two up.
2)  2 tubes, because you may flat a 2nd time, if you've flatted once already.
2a)  Have a training buddy who happily, and without asking, takes over changing your rear flat, because he knows you hate rear flats.
2b)  Evidently, black compression calve sleeves, provide a place to wipe greasy hands post-wheel change.  LOL
3)  License and health care insurance card (I never ride without, but for some reason didn't have them Saturday and I was the closest, ever, to actually needing them.
4)  Keep your cell phone protected; use a ZipLoc.  You can actually dial and talk/hear through the bag. The sweat/moisture can lock-up a phone.
5)  Ride a course where you know you'll run into other riders.
6)  Always, always, always wear your helmet.  

I went down and my friend was a little freaked.  First, she felt badly because she didn't call out her turn, but then she couldn't get her phone to work.  Then she realized she didn't have my Husband in her phone.  It was quite sweet to see how concerned she was.

I stayed calm.  From the ground I dialed Hubs and handed it over to my friend. After she spoke to him I asked her about my bike.  My CADDY!  My new bike!  :(  She kept saying Caddy was fine, but I kept telling her to be honest... I thought she was trying to be nice and keep me from getting upset, so at that point I did start tearing up!  LOL  I did scuff up the carbon bullhorn and a cuff that goes around the brakes lever, but nothing else -- she still looks good.  I'm so thankful!

The funniest part:  After I fell, I laid there remaining calm and taking a bodily inventory in my mind, I realized I couldn't move my head.  What didn't occur to me for a couple minutes was that the slope of my helmet that was preventing me from turning my head. After I took the damned thing off, I was fine.  LOL 

Anyway, I'm good.  Still have a dull headache and a bit sore in the neck, but I swim an hour at Masters this morning... slow, but I did it.

Let's see if I can manage to get myself fixed up.  I have decided to cancel going to HyVee.  I'm disappointed, but I know it's the right choice.  I have races here that I can do to keep me focused.  There is no need to travel if I can't give it my all, physically.

Disappointed, but on my way to being UNbroken. 

Off to see Dr. #3 this afternoon!


  1. Get yourself a Road ID bracelet (http://www.roadid.com). If anything ever happens to you while you're on a run/ride (well, after you've healed of course), all anyone has to do is call the phone # on the bracelet or go to the website, give them the PIN on the back of the bracelet & your entire medical history & all of your emergency contact info (including insurance info) is right at their fingertips. They come in all sorts of styles & colors. I never take mine off.


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