We Have a Plan...

So I saw Doctor number 3 yesterday.  We'll call him Dr. O

Dr. O came to the same diagnosis as Doc #2, which I was thankful for, since Dr. O is in my locale and there would be no traipsing to downtown or Sugar Land for rehab.

Yep. Rehab.

The Meniscus is detached, different from a tear, from the coronary ligament.  Tears can be "cleaned-up", so to speak, by removing the damaged parts of the Meniscus.  In my case the Meniscus has to be repaired/reattahced.  I will have surgery (this Friday!) to get it fixed.

Recovery will put me down for 6-8 weeks; crutches and brace.... but it can be fixed. "Fixed" being the most important part. I am focusing on that instead of the inconvenience of it all.  I want to work hard at rehab and come out stronger for it.  Damn straight I'll be doing my Paleo-best to help with healing. 

Dr. O was great.  He was confident in his diagnosis and even drew me pictures! He also found it laughable that the first doctor made such a big deal out of the Arthritis.  In fact, Dr. O said my knees were fine, and that I have "athlete's knees." He just didn't think the Arthritis was a big freakin' deal at all. 

So, still no HyVee for me -- but maybe I'll have enough to have fun (and not race) Houston Triathlon at the end of September.  It's already paid for, you know?  This also means there is definitely no aquabike at Redman, of any distance, to even begin considering.

Today I'm grateful for smarty-pantz docs...  all of them!  From my DO to my DC's, to even the most arrogant of the Orthopedists I met.  I always say it takes a village... and every village has some crazies.

Here's to moving forward and keeping positive. :)


  1. So glad you got additional opinion!

    If they offer you the ice chest machine that pumps ice water around your knee, constantly, get it. It really helps with post op pain and swelling!

    I'll be thinking about you on Friday!

  2. Thinking of you. Hope the surgery went well and you are as comfortable as possible!


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