"Crazy" Brick

Every several weeks CC (aka Cranky Coach) has his athletes do a "Crazy" brick.  it's a workout that pushes you beyond where you think you are.  Beyond what will come easy.  It's good for your mind.  :)  I get almost as excited for CB day, as I do for a race.  Almost.

I'm back to training but sessions are short... most are 45 minutes... maybe an hour here and there on the bike.  Certainly nothing long, and with good reason, since I'm not racing long this year and still recovering from knee surgery.

This past Saturday I had a 30 minute run/1 hour bike/30 minute run.  Doesn't sound like much, but with my longest workout being 1 hr in the last 3 months, it's a challenge.  Add the heat as the cherry on this sufferfest sundae. :)

My running is still slow, but I can still tell it's improving and is still improved over last Summer's hotter runs.  I'm between a 12:55 and 13:05 pace.  I'm not doing any speedwork until cleared by the doc, but I know once I can do that again things will get better.  I feel slight fatigue in the knee that had the surgery and a lot of tweaking in the knee that didn't have a problem -- nothing that doesn't work itself out after a bit of running easy to warm-up.

I was determined to make CB day a big step towards recovery. It was also going to help me determine what to do for River Cities Triathlon this weekend!  I know I won't be having any PR's, but at the least I would get an idea of how it will feel going in. 

My pre-brick breakfast was some eggs with English peas (for my carb).  I know... sounds weird, but I was out of my sweet potatoes.  The peas worked though -- they might have been even easier on my stomach!  I did eat breakfast a little late considering my start, but it didn't seem to impact me too terribly.

I made the first :30 run without any walk breaks, Yay!  I just kept a nice steady pace and practiced from; keeping my legs under me and head up.  2.28 miles.  HR was a bit high, but to be expected with the heat/humidity.  I used EFS on my run (it's Gluten free, btw.). 

I had my bike all setup and ready to go.  I hopped on the bike quickly and headed off for my hour ride.  The first 15 mins was a warm-up and the next 30 was supposed to be Oly effort.  I finished the last 45 mins at Oly effort, since I was feeling good.  I wanted to also make sure I could handle some intensity, since there are lots of little rollers at RC Tri.  I felt really good on the bike, and rode a 17.4 average pace.  Considering I took my time during the warm-up, I'm feeling pretty good about the bike.  I also used EFS on the bike.  HR high again...bah. 

Run 2 was supposed to be 30 minutes, going a longer distance than the first run.  Yes, I have a coach, but I had it in my head I was going to do 5K, no matter how long it took because that's how far I have to run after the bike this Sunday.  I mapped out a loop, which I thought was 5K, but it was just a tad short!  I did 2.9 miles in 39 mins with 2 super short walk breaks, one I had no choice (traffic) and the other I took 30 seconds at the half way point. After the run, I was kicking myself for not doing the couple 10ths of a mile to get 5K... but damn, by this time it was super hot!

My calves were super sore post brick.  I'm having a problem with what I think is the gastrocnemius... it's deep inside and it gets super tight!  It was so sore within 30 minutes of finishing the brick!  I stood on the steps to stretch while my Husband rolled it with the "stick!"  It hurt soooo good.  All I can do is try to stretch it well before and after, and pray it doesn't turn into PF.  Ugh!  I

So all-in-all I'm feeling okay about going to River Cities and having a good time.  If adrenaline serves me well, I could have an okay run as opposed to a walk like I planned. It's a long drive home, so I don't need to be stupid about it, but I can go in knowing I will be able to survive it.  I'm happy to be going -- I love this race and I'm grateful I don't have to miss it. 


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