The Hardest Part... not crossing the Finish, it's showing up to the Start line." 

I read that somewhere, can't remember where, but it always stays with me. Today the gun went off at the Start for me. I went for my fist run, post knee surgery! I was going to head to the track to run on a softer surface, but after going to bed late and oversleeping, I didn't have the 30 minutes to spare for the drive there and back. I decided I would simply hit the pavement in my neighborhood -- because Ironman waits for no one!. It was a slow going jog and I was a bit nervous at first. I did a couple of 5/1 intervals and then asked myself, "Why am I walking?"

I mean, I was doing fine. Yes, there was a bit of soreness, but that's to be expected! So after that little motivational chat with myself, I continued and ran the remaining 1.5 miles, for a total of about 2.25 miles.

This past weekend was also my first bike ride since my surgery and bike crash! I went an hour and 20 mins. I felt good. I could have felt a ton better, had I taken the ride a little more seriously and ate before leaving, but I didn't feel that great and saw no reason to push it. Although after I was out there, it was evident I could have used the nutrition.

Folks, don't skip breakfast.  Ever. :)

So I'm going to give a brick a try tomorrow. Just a 30 minute bike and 30 minute run. There's reportedly a loop through a quiet neighborhood that's pretty safe that I'm going to give a try. There's also a run path (soft ground) for me to run on.

I've decided I'm still going to go to River Cities and simply do the best that I can.  My best might be last Athena, but I'll have a decent swim and an okay bike (I'm not ready for any kind of hills and there are little rollers here). I'll have to walk a portion of the run through the wooded trails, but it will make for a good, fun training day. Plus, it might work out that I get to see my BFF too! That would be an added bonus.


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