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Getting Re-focused

Bricking... well, grabbing a drink. Post-surgery it's been a little challenge staying focused.  It's about to become more challenging with Swim Team for Cassie starting up again, School (for Cassie), and Hubs now training for his first Marathon, not to mention his work schedule is a bit demanding these days. It's not that it's insurmountable, it's all about getting through it and then improving the efficiency of the routine. It takes planning and communication.  I"m a planner.  Hubs is not.  We manage, though sometimes it can be tough when the pressures of everything else come crashing at the same time.    Tonight I'm supposed to be bricking but I have so much on my plate before a busy weekend.  See how well I'm utilizing my time right now?  I'm blogging! This weekend is Clear Lake International Triathlon.  I'm doing a relay, since my biking and running really aren't up to par yet.  The Race is on Saturday and I'm looking forw

Race Report: 2012 32nd River Cities Triathlon

This makes the 3rd year in the row for this race :)  I really do love this race!  The course is so much fun.  It's challenging, but certainly not insurmountable.  I made the trip up to Bossier with a group of club friends.  My BFF made her way up there as well (from Dallas) and we got to have a little visit. A nice addition to my 36 hour excursion from home.   :) We stayed at the race host hotel, Diamond Jacks.  I really don't reccomend it, though I will say that Roderick really did try to accommodate our disappointment, which was beyond anything he was capable of rectifying. Diamond Jacks is an old hotel/casino.  You can tell when you walk in the door. It has an *old* smell.  When we went to check in, they didn't have the non-smoking rooms we reserved back in April.  They told us they don't guarantee room types.  WTH?  I'm certain the triathletes to follow us would not be pleased with having to sleep in a smoking room.  We were quick to think, and  asked for a Ki