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A New Way to Party (on a Road Bike)

You have got to watch this.  You won't regret the 5 minutes and 21 seconds!

2012 Houston Tri... I mean Aquathon at Towne Lake

Race Report... The week after Redman was the Houston Triathlon. At the beginning of the tri season I signed up for the TX3 series put on by On Ur Mark Productions.  It's a competition of three races, plus you got a discount for early registration.  I figured what the heck, I'll save some money, since I won't be in it for the fame.  Plus On Ur Mark does great events. Kemah Triathlon ended with me in the med tent after pukin' my guts up off the bike.  Took in too much salt water on the rough swim.  Had knee surgery in July and bailed on the Bridgeland Triathlon -- only to ease my way through my beloved River Cities Triathlon (didn't realize they were on on the same day, so there went my savings). Houston Triathlon, now turned Aquathon.  Poor weather canceled the bike portion of the race; safety prevails. My tri season:  0 for 3.  :( After my Redman sprint experience you might bet I was ready to go.  My bike was so clean there was no way one bit of negative

Redman 2012 Spectating, Sprint & A New Kind of Crazy Brick!

I've been to Redman for the 70.3 twice now, but this year I didn't plan to race. I just planned to support my training buddy's first Iron-distance effort. He's pretty much been training for 2 years, since he had to defer last year with an injury, but there was no way I was going to miss it. As is usually the case, when I decide not to do something, I turn around and do something anyway. This was the year of the Club Championships, so they offered Sprint and Olympic distance races the day after the 70.3 & 140.6 races. I needed a workout anyway, so figured I'll just do the Sprint for fun. Nothing is ever for really JUST for "fun" though right? We all have those super secret goals in our head we never speak out loud because they have no basis. Although my training had been inconsistent since July, I still wanted to do well -- realizing of course I really didn't deserve to do well; I had not put the time in. See? No basis. Anyway, spectating the day be