Friday, March 30, 2012

Big Weekend!

Well, here we go.  First big race of the year!  Ironman Texas 70.3 Galveston.  Yay!

While I'm not the least bit fired up about my race at the end of the month (???), I'm looking forward to volunteering and "professionally" spectating and cheering on my tri peeps!  If you hadn't heard, Lance Armstrong is racing in my back yard! 

Unfortunately Chris Lieto had to pull out of the race because of some lower leg issues he's been dealing with for over a year -- he's protecting the rest of his season by withdrawing.  Completely understandable!  He's still going to be there, cheering on the competitors and doing his sponsor thing...  He'll representing "More Than Sport" at the expo -- his organization to raise funds and bring awareness to child s*x trafficking. 

And, yes, I'm still not upset I'm not racing.  I'm sure race morning I'll be thinking, "Man, what's wrong with you?  Why didn't I choose to race!"  

Ahhh well.  My race will be 29 days from now. 

The race is going to be a mad-house, give the "Lance" factor.  The number of athletes racing this year jumped to 2700, from 1900!  It's going to make for a challenging run, as they changed to a 3 loop course from a 4 loop course!  2700 athletes on a 3 loop course?  It will be like I-45 south, headed to Galveston on a Friday night!

My "Paleo-ness" is still going well.  I'm down another few pounds (Yay!) and up to 1 1/2" off each my waist and hips.  I've been a little tired lately, but I credit stress at work and going to be later than usual for that... basically it's my own fault. 

I need to have a good bike and transition run this weekend.  I need it for my head.  All of my riding has been on the trainer and the 2 rides outside have been awful.  I just don't feel ready, like I normally do.  Maybe that's because I really haven't had time to think about it.  Eh, I always get a little off before a race anyway.  One day at a time.  Right?  Right. 

Cassie started with a new Daisy troop and is l-o-v-i-n-g her new "sisters."  This is going to be so much better for her.  What's even better is that 4 of the girls from her old troop moved with her.  Awesome!  This weekend we're going to a skate party.  That's right... it's against my better judgement (Pre-race), but I'm going to take her skating!  They are mixing a little community service in with the skate party, collecting stuffed animals for kids who could use something loveable to hug.  :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Things are goin' and blowin' here, as usual.   Over Spring break, Cassie headed to Alabama with Hubs, then came back and went to NJ with me.  Lots of fun spending time with family and had a chance to see a few friends.  :)   My Sister helped me get some workouts in too, which was awesome.  I'm officially "Jersey Strong" now, having worked out where The Boss does.  LOL

Ironically enough the so-called "quiet" time while Hubs and Cassie were gone was filled with training, errands and chores!  I did finally manage to get to "Painting With A Twist", which was lots of fun.  Also had a Silpada Jewelry Party; even more fun AND sparkly things.  BONUS!

I'm still sticking to all Paleo, all the time -- even while in NJ.  It was tough, but worth it.  I'm down 12 lbs. since 2/1 and more than an inch off my waist and inch off my hips.  Just planning to stay the course.  Ideally I'd like to drop another 8 lbs. before the end of April. We'll see how it goes.  I go to the Endocrinologist in a few weeks, so I'll be curious to see what she has to say. 

Crossfitting is still fun.  Still enjoying the weightlifting the most.  I'm getting stronger, and that's fun to me.  Besides, "Strong people are harder to kill."  :) 

Coach Thea asked me he other day, "When are you gonna realize you're a weight lifter?" It makes me laugh because I always think of this guy:


I've had some great PR's on my squats -- I'm up to 90k (that's 198lbs!). 

I've actually registered with a buddy for my first Crossfit event.  It's more of a fundraiser where they are doing the "Olivia" WOD.  It's 57 reps of several movements -- one member of your team moves at a time. A friend of mine goes to a different CF gym than I do, so our team is:  "Now, Play Nice Girls!" 

Because, as I am told, "Crossfitters are only *slightly* competitive." 

From what I see, I call bullshit.  :)

Tri training is still going, though it feels sooooooo much more relaxed training for the Olympic than the 70.3 -- I almost feel like I'm not going to be ready.  So strange to feel this way, but it's good -- I'm not complaining.  Kemah Olympic Triathlon is on April 29th.  I've been running the bridge and will start riding the course this weekend. My running is steadily improving too -- quite honestly I'm wondering when I'm gonna tank. I keep waiting for it...

My crazy brick was pretty good.  I had a 30 minute run/2 hour bike/30 minute run.  Nice strong runs on both sides of the bike, but went out a little too fast on the second run.  I need to keep that pace in check to start, otherwise I'll just fade into walking.  Doh!

Cassie started with a new Daisy troop this week, which seems way more organized and promising of a better experience for her, right off the cuff.  The kids are sweet and the leaders are awesome.  They have so many things planned in the upcoming weeks.  I hope Cass enjoys spending time with her new found Girl Scout sisters. :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Chicking Lance : LAVA Magazine

Fun for an awesome cause...

Chicking Lance : LAVA Magazine 

On one of her regular morning runs earlier this month, Rochester-based triathlete Mary Eggers had a wild idea: challenge Lance Armstrong to a 50-meter duel in the pool. Eggers had heard that the cycling icon would be speaking at the nearby Univerity of Buffalo in April, and she wanted to make the most of his visit to her Upstate New York region.

“I just threw something out on Twitter, thinking ‘He has 3 million followers what are the chances?’ All of a sudden it just totally exploded,” Eggers laughs.

To her surprise, Armstrong tweeted back. The two will go toe-to-toe in a 50-meter kick-off to try and raise $100,000 for LiveStrong and Teens Living with Cancer—an organization Eggers has been working with for over a year as a fitness mentor.

Eggers says she has a habit of issuing “ridiculous challenges,” including a recent kick-off with one of her QT2 Systems co-coaches. “It’s like a potato sack race—it’s stupid,” she says. “But it was really fun!
Eggers followed up on the Twitter conversation with a heartfelt letter to Armstrong on her blog, in which she asks him if he’s ever been chicked. The Livestrong army got on board quickly, helping with promotion and setting up a donation page, which opens today. After ironing out a few logistics, the challenge is scheduled for 4 p.m on April 28 at the Universraity of Buffalo’s Alumni Arena.
Besides a love for triathlon—which won over the collegiate swimmer after graduation—Eggers shares something else in common with Armstrong: the desire for a cancer-free world. On her blog post about the kick-off, Eggers writes: I hate Cancer. It’s ripped through my life more times than I want to count, both as a nurse and as a person.

“On May 20, 1986, my mom knocked on my door and told me that my grandmother had died of lung cancer. It was my first experience with death,” Eggers says. She says from then on she’s been hit from various angles by the disease, and the memories have stuck with her. “I’m tired of it,” she said plainly.
A shot from the Teens Living with Cancer Facebook page.

Her first encounter with Teens Living with Cancer was last year, when she was invited to one of their retreats to give a presentation on exercise. One of the teens asked her a question, to which she asked, “What does your doctor recommend?” “They all just looked at each other and started to laugh,” Eggers said. “Their doctors don’t tell them anything when they’re done with chemo other than to go get healthy.”

Eggers started looking for programs geared towards young people, and there wasn’t a lot for the under-18 set. To help fill the hole, she joined up with Lauren Spiker, director of Melissa’s Living Legacy Teen Cancer Foundation, and created a program to see how exercise affected teens who were post cancer treatment.

Since meeting them, the TLC teens have become dear to Eggers, and she’s always looking for ways to raise money to help make their lives richer. When she told them Armstrong was coming—and that they should all go ask him to get involved—they just laughed at her. Then she told them she’d be on the same race course as him on April first at the Memorial Hermann 70.3 Texas, and that she could solicit his support when he ran past her. Their response? “They thought it was hilarious,” she reports.
Joking aside, it’s clear from Eggers’ blog that she has tremendous respect for Armstrong, and wants to respect his privacy. “A lot of people got excited, and started asking me to introduce them to Lance, etcetera, but I don’t want people to forget the message, which is trying to raise money, ”she says.
As for her thoughts on the cyclist’s return to triathlon, she says: “Anyone who knows the history of triathlon knows that he started as a triathlete. What better way to bring a spotlight to our sport? He’s a tremendous athlete, a good role model, plus he’s over 40 … there are so many angles to his story.”
So how does a person train for a 50-meter kick-off with a man “who’s made millions off his legs” as Eggers puts it? Lots and lots of kicking, as prescribed by her own QT2 Systems coach, Jesse Kropelnicki. (Read more from Eggers on the all-important kick here.)

And of course the social media banter continues. “Lance asked me the other day how fast I kicked a 50. I said ‘One second faster than you do!’’” Eggers reports. “I’m getting myself into big trouble. Apparently when you do these things you should have a plan beforehand!”

But as many triathletes know (remember signing up for your first race, anyone?) sometimes in the moment a plan is less important than a dream.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Paleo: Deviled Eggs

Made these for a jewelry party last night.  Who wants to serve snacks I can't enjoy!  Word is they were good!!

First make the Everyday Paleo Mayo here using Extra Light (tasting) Olive Oil. Don't use EVOO -- it will taste NASTY.

1 Dozen Hard-boiled Eggs
1/4 C. Paleo Mayo
1 Organic Kosher Dill Pickle, dice
2 T. of diced green onion (plus some for garnish)
1 tsp. Paprika (plus some for garnish)
Sea Salt to taste
1 T. Dijon Mustard
Cider Vinegar*

Boil eggs, peel, split in half length-wise.  Scrape out Yolks and place in a bowl.  Add the Mayo, Mustard, Pickle, 2 T. green onions and Paprika; mix until smooth.  If your yolk mixture is pasty , add some cider vinegar, a little at a time (and to taste) to make it smooth. 

Refill the egg whites with the mixture (pastry bag, or spoon).  Top with a green onion and a light sprnkle of Paprika. 


Paleo: Chicken & Poppy Seed Broccoli Slaw

Tastes way better than my cell phone
camera makes it look!
I couldn't find a poppy seed dressing that didn't have "illegal" fat in it (they all have soybean, canola or vegetable oil as first ingredients).  So I came up with this today.  It's a variation a recipe some friends originally gave me. 

I noted the ingredients on the Mezetta's bottle and then realized I could use the Everyday Paleo mayo as a base!

Here we go!

Trust her... Make the Everyday Paleo Mayo here using Extra Light (tasting) Olive Oil.  I tried 4 times with EVOO and it flopped each time!

1/2-2/3 C. Everyday Paleo Mayo
2 T.  Cider Vinegar
1 T. Agave Nectar
1 T. Light (in color) Molasses (tastes milder)
2 T. Poppy Seeds
2 tsp. Onion powder

1 bag Broccoli Slaw
1/4 C. dried, unsweetened cranberries
1/4 C. golden Raisins
1/4 C. Sliced Almonds, unsalted
2 Shredded, cooked chicken breasts

Make the dressing, and toss with the salad ingredients.  Yum!

You can eat it immediately, or chill for about 3 hours.  The broccoli slaw softens a little, but still stays crisp. 

Monday, March 05, 2012

Shittay Training Weekend

It all started with what I've dubbed my "Dr. Phil" run on Saturday.  It was just a 1:30 run, which I was actually looking forward to, because I had 2 over and back sets on my schedule.

In spite of the crazy wind, I started out pretty good.  My first over and back was right into the wind (we had 25 mph gusts this weekend) and I had to take a couple few short walks -- but it was still good.  Did the 2nd non-stop, so I was pleased.  But damn!  When I came off the bridge my legs were done.  I didn't feel this bad after the repeat the previous weekend, but I just kept telling myself it would turn around and to keep running.

My pace continued to slow as my legs felt incredibly fatigued. I tried to get my mind off it all, but that took me to "work" issues, and I that brought me to a complete melt down.  Boo.

Determined to finish, I headed back to the bridge for my last set of repeats.  I was never more happy a run was over.  My staggering 14 min/mile pace was from all the boohoo'ing between repeats.  I felt so crappy about myself.

And with all this talk about being strong of mind this past week.  Where is the action that should go along with what I learned?  Hmmmm?

The next day would be a new day.  I had a 2 hour bike and a 1 hour run.  I was going to start over with my clean slate. It would all be good.

From the moment I started the bike my legs were burning with lactic acid; as if I was starting the 5th hour of a ride.  It was just crazy.  I spent the entire first hour trying to spin at high cadence, low cadence, high cadence -- whatever would work, but nothing.  It wasn't until I warmed up later that I felt better.  My staggering 15 mph pace for my ride was probably my worse in 4 years training.

It never got much better and by the time my ride was done I realized I had only drank about 8 oz of water. 

I started my run and in less than 1/3 mile I quit.  Just quit and walked home.  My legs were finished.  My mind was finished.

I begrudgingly uploaded my data to TP.  I knew I'd get a comment about my quitting.  As a good coach should do.

About 30 minutes later I get a text, "Yikes!"

I reply, "I lived it.  I know.  Is that all you got for me, Coach?"

Then the phone rings... my coach ringtone is "Fighter" -- go figure.

He said, "it's mental". When you run a 1/3 of a mile and quit, it's your head telling you it's not going to get any better.

And he's right.  As usual.

Some days are like that though, and you're best to cut your losses and quit, rather than slog through a workout that leaves you feeling less than confident.  I had been feeling so good about training, until this weekend. Then I spent the rest of Sunday feeling guilty because I let my head get the best of me.  Had it been a race, I would have never quit.

Totally unrelated note, I visited with the Hematologist today. My Hemoglobin and Iron levels are "normal."  My capacity for storing Iron is still a little low, so he can't cut me loose yet -- but things are better!