Thursday, June 28, 2012

Healthy, Pretty, Strong and London Bound

It's no secret that I'm a fan of weightlifting.  I really do enjoy it, but I also love triathlon and it's a challenge to share time between the two.  This year though, before my injury (which was related to walking in high-heels and not lifting or triathlon!), I was managing to get 3 days of lifting, along with my tri training.  I was getting stronger and loving it.  No one needs to make a believer out of me.  I AM a believer.

I can't say I paid a ton of attention to Olympic weightlifting, in that I am an astute, long-time follower.   Several years back though, Cheryl Haworth caught my attention and I loved her story.  At the 2000 Olympics, 17 years old, 5'8" and 300 lbs., Cheryl brought the Bronze medal home.  On of my favorite quotes from her is, "It's fun to be strong." 

Indeed it is. And I've always remembered that.

For me, post-RNY surgery, I spent 2 years weight training with a trainer.  My only objective was to lift, so as to minimize the loss of muscle mass post-op.  Even though the closest thing I did to Olympic style movement was squats, it was still enough for me to build my appreciation for being strong and what it does for your body. I learned that when I lifted regularly, everything felt better. Everything.

Since then, I got back into Triathlon, but through some constant reminding/gentle persuasion/jedi mind tricks, my Chiro, who also coaches an olympic weightlifting team and owns Crossfit Box, finally got me to come "play" with them after my Thyroid symptoms went unimproved for over 2 years and I couldn't loose any weight (despite training for the MS150 and 3 Half Ironman races).  Long story short, I did play.  I changed to eating a clean, Paleo diet.  The results have been surprising.  But, along with my improved health, I found that weightlifting gives me something I don't get from triathlon.

While I love triathlon and I still desperately want to do an Ironman one day, there is something about weightlifting that feels natural to me.  Lord knows I wasn't built for speed.  I've been told by a couple of trainers I just have a natural affinity for weightlifting and getting stronger.  Even my Chiro once said to me, "When will you realize you're a weightlifter?!"  LOL

When I lift I feel strong.  I feel confident.

With triathlon I feel strong and confident and after the accomplishment. 

It's okay... I can love both triathlon and weightlifting.  I'm not dreaming of weightlifting at the Olympics. LOL

But there are some who do, like Sarah Robles and Jessica Gallagher; the girls who author the blog Pretty Strong.  Some of those dreams are about to come true via the 2012 Olympics in London for Sarah Robles.  The more I read about their stories, the more intrigued I become. 

So here we are with the 2012 Olympics approaching and I follow the US Olympic teams a little more closely these days.  Between triathlon, swimming, cycling, running and weightlifting, I love the Summer Olympics.  At the time I started following the Pretty Strong blog, Sarah and Jessica were 2 Olympic hopefuls.  Sarah Robles (along with Holley Mangold, another great story) is going to compete in the super heavyweight class at the 2012 Olympics. Yay!

This morning I get on Facebook and find my Crossfit coach posted this story about Sarah.  It was titled, "The Strongest Woman in America Lives in Poverty."  Okay, that caught my attention.  I read the article and was dumb-founded.  In part because I hadn't thought deeply enough about the subject, but when I did it really hit me. I'll preface this by saying, I respect and appreciate ALL Olympic athletes.  If you've made the US Olympic team, you deserve kudos!  What's makes me sad about this story is how these super heavyweight lifters, will most likely, never see sponsorship opportunities post Olympics that other athletes do.  All because they don't fit the general perception of "healthy."

It is likely these super heavyweights women won't see those super-heavyweight sponsorship paychecks because they don't have LoLo, Phelps, or Lochte bodies.  Maybe, MAYBE if they were men, it they might have a slight edge, but that's another story. 

These athletes stay the course, even though there is likely to be no proverbial "pot of gold" at the end of their Olympic rainbow (and they pretty much know it). They persevere, dedicated to becoming the best they can be.  Being the best is the only thing driving them.  I can't imagine them being afforded the opportunity to waste one ounce of energy on "hoping" for this or that. 

What makes it so unfortunate, in my mind, is that these HEALTHY, STRONG athletes are incredibly good role models for our youth -- and maybe even more so because of their increased determination to override the additional struggle and obstacles their own bodies create.

They even face obstacles being outfitted to wear Team USA clothing, for crying out loud!  Why should these world-class athletes have this additional, nonsensical stress?  It's such BS!  If you're a designer for Team USA, you gotta know It's a pretty broad range of sizes in both men and women!  With that said, there is no complaining by these athletes, just a simple statement of their reality.  No requests for special treatment.  To them it's just a reality they have to accept, process and just continue to press forward with in order to be the best in London. 

Reading the article moved me to the point of writing Sarah and sharing my brief thoughts and a virtual high-five for what she's accomplished.  I had already made a small donation to the US Olympic team; not nearly anything that would help on it's own, but I wanted to know what could be done for her directly.  I found this page on the blog that lists all the ways you can help, and they don't necessarily have to be donating money.

If you have a moment, take a look at the list.  If you can help in some way, just do it!  :)

Recovery and Rambling

Recovery is going well.  I'm still so very grateful there wasn't a detachment that required a repair, as that would have made for a far worse, much longer and would have required a brace and crutches!  There's still some swelling, and that keeps the joint a bit tight, but I'm doing my leg lifts and stretching my quad -- getting my foot closer to my butt every day.

I'm starting to miss training a bit.  Can't say I'm missing running in the 108 degree weather we've been having the last week, but I am hoping to be able to start swimming and biking here shortly.  I called the Doc's office this morning to see if I could get in the pool and swim, even with a pull buoy, I'd be happier than doing more of nothing. 

"CC" said to not pay for coaching for a couple months, until I'm good again.  My CF Coach said, she'll temporarily cancel my membership until I'm back to it.  I appreciate the savings, but it's strange to be "dropped" faster than on a Tuesday/Thursday p'clip ride... and that's fast!  LOL

I stopped by my chiro's office yesterday to get my "Unboken" tee shirt.  It makes me miss being around the very people who help to keep me inspired and motivated.  In fact, this week, I thought I might go to Tuesday morning track just to do my leg lifts and stretching, just to be around everyone for some motivation.  Before I left I Doc T. if I could come "play" on Friday, at least do some upper body stuff and just move.  

I won't be racing at Y-Freedom this year, but the RD was nice enough to let me defer my already complimentary entry, so that made me pretty happy.  That was something she didn't have to do, so I'm going to make sure I give them some volunteer hours to show my appreciation.  I still have River Cities on 8/5 and Houston Olympic Triathlon on 9/25 to look forward too.

Not sure I mentioned it; I probably did.  I decided, firmly, that I won't be going to Hy-vee Nationals.  Nationals is on 9/2.  There is no reason to travel to a race, and spend that kind of money, when I won't be 100%.  I don't want to go and just be 90%.  I can do that here, for a lot less money.  I am going to contact them and see if they'll defer my qualifying spot until 2013.  Not sure they'll do that, but given the injury, surgery and recovery, they might?  Who knows?  It's worth a shot.  

 Cass-a-frass gets to race this weekend.  The Kiwanis Kids series tri is in Pearland on Saturday.  As hot as it has been, I'm tempted not to let her do it.  On the other hand, she spends 80% of her day outside at Day Camp, so she's acclimated to the heat.  I want it to stay fun for her!  It will be early enough in the day so won't be as bad as it could be... I hope!

She's been having a great time this Summer at Day Camp (the local YMCA).  She's swimming like a fish, Mon-Thu at the Y in the morning, and then with the Sails team 3 afternoons per week.  She absolutely loves it and she's making good progress.  What I'm most proud of his her good attitude.  She just doesn't give up.  She might get a little upset at something, but she's tough, and goes right back to it. She's been to several meets since late April and really loves being with the team, swimming and cheering for everyone.  She's such a good little sport about it.  

Hubs has been fighting the new-bike-bug since I brought "Caddie" home.  He stopped fighting and finally succumbed.  I placed his final bid on a Matty Reed edition of the Fuji D6 Frame for him.  It's every bit as pretty as "Caddie", but in a lime-green.  Of course this shows it all decked-out, but we only bought the frame -- he now has another project in disassembling his "Frankenbike" and moving the parts to his new, sweeter ride. 


This not training period has been a test of motivation on so many levels.  My weight has been holding steady without any real exercise.  If I'm keeping it real, for the last 2 weeks I've been Paleo only 80% of the time.  Still mostly good, but not perfect.  What I've noticed right off is that my skin is dry and flaky.  That seemed to happened after I let a little dairy Milk  and little wheat back into my diet.  I'm back on, so I'll be curious to see how quickly my skin returns to normal. 

That's about it for now.  Better tend to my day job.  :)

Oh, wait, one more thing.  Oh wait... I'll write a separate post about what's on my mind, because it deserves it.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Some Good News!

Everything went fine yesterday.  Yay!

Even better, because then the doc got in there, there was no detachment!  No detatchment, but, there was a big "flap" that had to be removed.  That stupid flap was the cause of all the pain.  He also cleaned up the back of the Patella and it's all smooth now.  Looks so pretty!

Recovery is so much easier for this.  No crutches.  No brace!  I have to keep it iced and elevated this weekend, but on Monday I am free to get around and start my "homework."

I'm soooo happy!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

We Have a Plan...

So I saw Doctor number 3 yesterday.  We'll call him Dr. O

Dr. O came to the same diagnosis as Doc #2, which I was thankful for, since Dr. O is in my locale and there would be no traipsing to downtown or Sugar Land for rehab.

Yep. Rehab.

The Meniscus is detached, different from a tear, from the coronary ligament.  Tears can be "cleaned-up", so to speak, by removing the damaged parts of the Meniscus.  In my case the Meniscus has to be repaired/reattahced.  I will have surgery (this Friday!) to get it fixed.

Recovery will put me down for 6-8 weeks; crutches and brace.... but it can be fixed. "Fixed" being the most important part. I am focusing on that instead of the inconvenience of it all.  I want to work hard at rehab and come out stronger for it.  Damn straight I'll be doing my Paleo-best to help with healing. 

Dr. O was great.  He was confident in his diagnosis and even drew me pictures! He also found it laughable that the first doctor made such a big deal out of the Arthritis.  In fact, Dr. O said my knees were fine, and that I have "athlete's knees." He just didn't think the Arthritis was a big freakin' deal at all. 

So, still no HyVee for me -- but maybe I'll have enough to have fun (and not race) Houston Triathlon at the end of September.  It's already paid for, you know?  This also means there is definitely no aquabike at Redman, of any distance, to even begin considering.

Today I'm grateful for smarty-pantz docs...  all of them!  From my DO to my DC's, to even the most arrogant of the Orthopedists I met.  I always say it takes a village... and every village has some crazies.

Here's to moving forward and keeping positive. :)

Monday, June 18, 2012

I'd Love to be UNbroken!

Cassie occasionally asks me if she can have a brother or a sister.  I always reply with a light-hearted, "I can't.  Mommy's belly is broken."  She takes that answer and I'm good with that.  :)

It seems though I've been "broken" one way or another for the last 3 years, and frankly I'm just tired of it.  It's wearing on me to have to make so many visits to various doctors.  It makes me crabby, it distracts me from work and I just get downright resentful sometimes that I have to deal with so many "little" things.

 I do recognize they are little things -- my situation could be tons worse.

So the knee, after the fall:  I visited Dr. #1.  He never looked at the MRI, only reviewed the x-ray they took.  He basically told me that running was killing my knees (duh!) and that I had Arthritis.  Yeah, well, tell me something I didn't know.  He was very dismissive and had the personality of a rusty nail.  I was prepared with my spiritual armor, for I had been warned about his lack of bedside manner ahead of time.  I was in and out of there with no more information than I had before the visit.

A few days later I visited Dr. #2.  He chatted with me; wanted to know the whole timeline.  I looked at the MRI, did a physical exam, and went back to the MRI. He suspects, but is not 100% certain, that I may have a meniscal tear right where it's anchored. He suspects it because it is in the same exact place as the bone bruise.  He showed me something on the MRI that would consistent with his thought process.  The plan is 10 days of anti-inflammatory to get the inflammation down and then check it out again.

Dr. #3 couldn't see me until the end of August, but after getting my MRI, they called me to have me come in today.  Since #1 and #2 were so vastly different, I want to hear what #3 has to say.

Right now I'm limited to cycling and swimming only; no squatting, no elliptical, no rowing... nothing of impact.

I went for a ride on Saturday, which was "fun-filled!" And because a flats aren't fun in it of themselves, I got to experience my first moving crash.  I feel like a legit athlete now!

It was the inaugural ride of the newly formed "Space City Convalescent Cycling Club!"  A friend of mine, recovering from some broken ribs, went riding Saturday.  Frankly the only way I could ever ride with her was if she was injured, because she's supah-fast!

Aaaannnyway, we finish the ride and decide to ride over to checkout progress on her house they're building not far from where I live.  We're just slowly cruising and chatting. I wasn't completely sure where we were going, so I was waiting for direction as we rode.  She thought I knew where I was going and turned in front of me.  I tagged her wheel and went down.  Some road rash, bruises and a good bump on the head from the double-bounce in the brain bucket, but with the exception of a nagging headache, I'm no worse off than I was to begin with.

After that experience, here's a couple things to remember though whenever you ride:

1)  3 c02 cartridges (2 min) -- because you always screw one... or two up.
2)  2 tubes, because you may flat a 2nd time, if you've flatted once already.
2a)  Have a training buddy who happily, and without asking, takes over changing your rear flat, because he knows you hate rear flats.
2b)  Evidently, black compression calve sleeves, provide a place to wipe greasy hands post-wheel change.  LOL
3)  License and health care insurance card (I never ride without, but for some reason didn't have them Saturday and I was the closest, ever, to actually needing them.
4)  Keep your cell phone protected; use a ZipLoc.  You can actually dial and talk/hear through the bag. The sweat/moisture can lock-up a phone.
5)  Ride a course where you know you'll run into other riders.
6)  Always, always, always wear your helmet.  

I went down and my friend was a little freaked.  First, she felt badly because she didn't call out her turn, but then she couldn't get her phone to work.  Then she realized she didn't have my Husband in her phone.  It was quite sweet to see how concerned she was.

I stayed calm.  From the ground I dialed Hubs and handed it over to my friend. After she spoke to him I asked her about my bike.  My CADDY!  My new bike!  :(  She kept saying Caddy was fine, but I kept telling her to be honest... I thought she was trying to be nice and keep me from getting upset, so at that point I did start tearing up!  LOL  I did scuff up the carbon bullhorn and a cuff that goes around the brakes lever, but nothing else -- she still looks good.  I'm so thankful!

The funniest part:  After I fell, I laid there remaining calm and taking a bodily inventory in my mind, I realized I couldn't move my head.  What didn't occur to me for a couple minutes was that the slope of my helmet that was preventing me from turning my head. After I took the damned thing off, I was fine.  LOL 

Anyway, I'm good.  Still have a dull headache and a bit sore in the neck, but I swim an hour at Masters this morning... slow, but I did it.

Let's see if I can manage to get myself fixed up.  I have decided to cancel going to HyVee.  I'm disappointed, but I know it's the right choice.  I have races here that I can do to keep me focused.  There is no need to travel if I can't give it my all, physically.

Disappointed, but on my way to being UNbroken. 

Off to see Dr. #3 this afternoon!

Friday, June 08, 2012

Meeting Chrissie!

It is time for some good stuff...  I mean, it is Friday after all.

So one of the highlights for me at Ironman Texas was getting the opportunity to go to a Meet and Greet session hosted by Muscle Milk.  The opportunity came up quite by accident, but I was so grateful for it!

I was assisting a local race director at packet pick-up.  She had asked me when I was planning to go down to the race site for the weekend.  I had told her I wanted to try to get there in time enough for Chrissie Wellington's book signing.  I knew it would be a challenge though because I just hired a new help desk person, and although he is very competent, I wasn't feeling comfortable enough to leave him for a half day his first week here.  I was on the fence,but leaning towards taking a chance.  LOL

She says to me, "Well how would you feel about getting to meet Chrissie in a smaller, more intimate setting of like 12 -15 people?"

Me:  "What?!?  Are you for real?"

She said she'd take me.  She was so sweet, and said she couldn't think of anyone else would appreciate it more.  Awwww! At the time we only knew it was on Friday afternoon, no details were firmed up  Muscle Milk and Chrissie's handlers were still working out the details.

The next day I got a text from my friend.  She said she was sorry, but she was going to have to bail on the meet and greet and felt badly for getting my hopes up.  She's a family lawyer and had to work on Friday afternoon.  Understandably more important.

So my week carried on and I went to my IMTX volunteer captains meeting on Wednesday and was just chit-catting with the guy who heads up the volunteers for this race -- he's also another local race director.  He had mentioned something about the meet and greet and I said, "Yeah, I was almost going with J, but she had to work."  He said, "Text me tomorrow and I'll get you on the list and get the details for you."

This is one of the ways volunteering pays off in truly unexpected ways!  :)

I got the info and I was thrilled to have the opportunity.  I was giddy as a school girl on Friday morning, knowing I would meet this woman who was strong beyond and Ironman race out there.

Of course, I was completely starstruck.  Couldn't say a word as she SAT NEXT TO ME AT THE TABLE!  There was an empty seat between she and I and the table got a chuckle when I blurted out how I should snuggle-up to her.  I was cool though, and gave her space.  Inside though, I wanted so bad to tell her about how her book came out at such a perfect time for me.  I wanted to tell her where I started, where I am now... and how much of what she says is so freakin' true and I live it. I wanted to tell her that Ironman aside, it takes a certain kind of person to make the choices she has with the life path she's chosen, and how I aspire to find the strength to make similar choices in the future.  I find it amazing in this day and age for people to make choices based on passion, and not a pay check. Even if she wasn't such an incredible athlete I would still find her just as strong, full of integrity and as amazing.

Of course I couldn't say any of that.  I sat quietly and intently listened as she spoke of how she got started in triathlon.  It was awesome.

The thing I remember most is how she talked about pain.  "Training hurts.  It should hurt."  Even CC says you train how you want to race.  If you never experience pain during training, how do you ever expect to know your limits and how to push (appropriately) through to accomplish amazing things!?!

Although they were short on books, I had one of my tri peeps who works at Barnes & Noble, expedite and order for me, so I had my very own copy.  Big thanks to Evan for coming through!  :)  I panicked when it came time for the book signing.  My phone/camera wasn't working.  I was again grateful Muscle Milk had provided a professional photographer and we pictures from the event!

After it seemed as if I ran into Chrissie the rest of the weekend.  I left the meet and greet and headed to the hotel.  I stopped in the lobby to grab coffee.  Guess who was ahead of me?  Haha! Chrissie!  I said, "Really, I'm not stalking you!"  She said "Donna [she remembered my name!] I adore my stalkers!"  I said, "Good thing since I'm here for the weekend!" LOL

The funniest thing was when she came down to the Finish line while I was catching athletes.  She saw me and asked with that sweet UK accent, "Would you please find me a Sharpie so I can sign things?"

Well, yeah!  Of course!

I raced around that Finish line area looking for a Sharpie like it was a Sprint tri.  Hilarious!  I found one of the Ironman folks and all he had was a fat red one.  Ugh... it will have to do, so I grab it and he sees me give it to her.  He comes running over to me and says, "Hey I need that back!"  I said, "Then you go get it from Chrissie."


I thought so.  LOL

The best part of catching was the face of the Finishers as I walked them towards her to receive their medal.  Some knew who she was right off.  For others they were so spent it took a few seconds... then a click and a 180 turn back to get a hug.  She was so gracious, genuine and sincere.  

I did eventually fine a more appropriate Sharpie for her and got him his red stapler Sharpie back to him.  I didn't want him to miss it for too terribly long.  LOL

So I am now the self-proclaimed-unofficial-IMTX-stalker-of-thee-Chrissie-Wellington.

And she "adores" her stalkers.  :)

Thursday, June 07, 2012

The Not-So-Good First

I really wanted to have some happy posting first, while I was playing catch-up-on-the-blog, but that's not in the cards given the morning's events.  I need to vent blog.

I'll preface this entry with stating this is not a whine-fest.  This is more of a cathartic entry.  I do fully realize there are others out there who experience far worse set-backs than what I will proceed to explain.

It's also not the logic that I have issue with, it's the emotion.  I've essentially been working towards a goal for a while now, and when seemingly things start to come together and just when I get to experience some small victories, I take a blow like this and it just got me emotional.  I guarantee it will only be momentarily, but I have to move through and deal with it, in order to move beyond it.

So I took a fall about 6 weeks ago. It was nasty, right on my knee.  It had me down for a few days, but I was recovering with the help of favorite chiros Dr. T and Dr. C.  I knew I wasn't fully recovered because I didn't have my full range of motion back yet -- bottom of a squat caused pain in the back of the knee.  It just wasn't right yet, however I knew I just had to be patient and just work through it.

I get the new bike, have a great first race on it.  Awesome! Even managed to have a good, pain-free run :)

Fast forward to Memorial Day Weekend.  What triathlete wastes a day off of work to just hang around, right?  Well, certainly not me or any of the peeps I train with!  Sunday of that weekend I rode about 40 miles on the new bike and then on Monday I rode another 44 with a swim in the middle of the ride.  All good.  No pain; everything was fine post-ride.

Tuesday morning... I'm still feeling good all day.  Headed to my track workout and got 3/4 of the way through and something just wasn't right in the knee.  Since it was the knee I fell on and I knew I was still kind of recovering, I stopped.  I just assumed it was related. The next day it was ridiculously painful.  It was inflamed, could hardly walk; had no range of motion whatsoever.  Saw Dr. T. the next day for treatment, and the next day it felt exponentially better... like 75% better!  Yay for improvement, right?!?

I decided to continue with the Tejas Tri knowing I wouldn't be running much, but would swim and bike as was agreeable with my knee, still taking care.  I had a great swim (10:49 - 2nd)  and bike (20.8 mph avg - 4th)!  The run was intentionally slow; my knee didn't feel at all comfortable.  I kept with run/walk intervals, but even the running portion of the interval was s-l-o-w and easy.  In fact, I moved to the street to run, where the incline was more agreeable to my knee, than the path of the course.

I get to the end of the run, just 25 yds from the Finish and my knee pops, clicks and gives out.  I would have gone down to the ground had there not been a lamp-post to grab a hold of.  It was unlike anything I had ever experienced -- I quite literally limped across the line.  I knew it was bad.

Got in to see Dr. T. the next morning and this time I failed the Meniscus test.  I was having so much pain, we were really leaning towards a tear.  We ordered the MRI and got the results back.  Of course Dr. T. wants me to go see a Orthopedist for full review and discussion about how to proceed.

I had to work from home for 2 days because the pain was so bad, I couldn't sit comfortably in the car -- in fact the day of the race I was lucky a friend of mine decided to come with me -- because she wound up driving me home, and she has broken ribs from getting t-boned in her car a couple weeks ago!

In the end the results state Osteoarthritis.  When I was told I was in complete denial.  It had to be post-traumatic; I fell on that knee, right?  Well, evidently I have so many little things wrong, that are more degenerative than a result of trauma.  Crap!  The back of my knee cap is "shredded", there is space between my joints and there is lots of debris. That's just what I remember Dr. T telling me before the "wave" hit me. 

- I did this to myself; I should have taken control of my health much soonerWouldda, Couldda. Shouldda.
- It's degenerative -- what about my ultimate goal (my Ironman dream!)?
- It's degenerative -- that means it's going to get worse as I age; there are no solutions.
- I won't be able to see the doc I want to see, because it's labeled as "Arthritis" and not a sports injury.

I had my pity party.  Cried on the phone with my Coach (recently dubbed CC "Cranky Coach") for nearly 30 minutes while I listened to him rationalize everything and tell me we'll get through it; we just have to get information and come up with the right plan.  Nothing is over until I give up and this is just a bump in the road.  He's been in my shoes with a back injury that's been limiting him and it kills him emotionally as well as physically.  I felt badly about breaking down on the phone, but at the end of the call he said he was glad that I was comfortable with being so emotional.

Then he says, "...this is just another piece of your Kona essay."  LOL  When you put it all together, it will be quite a story.  LOL

No matter the injury, it would have been emotional.  I have had so many good things fall into place the last month.  Really good things that I am wholly grateful for -- and this doesn't change any of those things.

I've been on this road too long to give up now.

When I first started being coached by CC, he wanted to know what my ultimate goal was.  I said I wanted to do an Ironman one day.  He said, "The day you decide you want to do an Ironman, is the very day your training begins."

He wasn't kidding.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012


Okay, I've been really neglecting the blogging thing, have so many things to write about, but somehow can't find time to write about it!  More to come...

  • Restructuring the body; it's going to happen!
  • IMTX V'teering and becoming Chrissie Wellington's (un)official stalker, among the many highlights.
  • Long weekend training (rant AND rave)
  • Tejas Triathlon - Mental training all the way
  • Ouch!  That smarts... my injury returns.  Bah!  What's the deal???