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Triathlon Season Officially Begins!

I thought I'd have to time to make this grand-ish entry about how it's officially the start of Triathlon season here in Houston.  The local tri community considers the day after the Houston Marathon the beginning of the season, but really, does the season truly  have a start or end to it?  We think about it all the time! I've been laying pretty low.  I'm not being coached at the moment,  but CC (aka Cranky Coach) never really goes away.   I've been doing a lot of weight lifting,  and I'm getting strong and fixing those imbalances that often leave me plagued with injury. This year will be pretty low key.  I just want some consistent training, even it's only to keep me out of trouble.  I hate to write it or say it out loud, because I don't want to jinx anything, but I hope to finally have have my skin removal surgery this year and have my under-arms fixed; both will help me a long way with my running. With so much up in the air, a race schedule for