Moving Forward

Dr. L decided to have me come in and remove my last drain!  It's slightly more comfortable now and a little more progress being made. 

I got to visit with him for bit - my first office visit with him, post-op.  I can tell he is happy he was able to contribute to bettering my health.  He jokingly told me I owed him a massage, as his shoulder was sore from holding up my flaps of skin during my 6 hour surgery.  He told me he removed  two 6lb. pieces of skin, just from my front, lower abdomen and that when detached, he could pull it down to my knees.   He also removed 2 liters during the liposuction on my back. Ouch!

My pain level has been practically 0 to 1 on the incisions since I came home. 

My soreness level where the lipo was done? 
That's a completely different story! 

I have a plenty strong stomach (except for long buggars from kids noses making me gag), but seeing how they do lipo on TV and knowing that they did that to me and that's why I'm sore, is just crazy -- and makes me want to throw-up in my mouth a little!

My arm incisions are looking good, but I do have an angry spot on one arm.  It's somewhat unavoidable due to the location of the incision (under the arm), but I'm managing with the help of my Hubs, who's doing so much to help my recovery. Even though he has (jokingly) referred to me as "Frankenwife", I still appreciate everything he has done!

I can hardly believe the abdomen incision though... so clean and pink.  It's healing really well.  After they removed all the purple-ish "glue" you could really see the difference.

I still have to wear the "straight jacket" ( a 3/4 leg girdle with a 4" binder build in on top) for a couple more weeks.  Dr. L said to give him 10 more days in it, and then I can move to regular shape-wear for the remainder of the 6 weeks. 

Once the drain incisions heal, I can get back in the pool.  Yay!

So what happens after everything heals?  I start training again, building my base again. Get strong again.  It's going to be like starting over to some degree.  Running and swimming will feel different; my gait may change and I definitely lost some buoyancy! I can't wait to go lift and do a "Clean" where I can actually keep the bar close to my body!

On the schedule is a couple races -- the first couple I won't really be "racing", it will just be fun to get out there again!  I'd like to see myself recovered by the 5150, so I can do that race with a plan. :)

River Cities Triathlon
Summertime Blues

Galveston 5150 (???)

Then volunteer for IM Florida... and register for 2014!!!


  1. hoping the heat holds off while you need to wear the garments. Are they uncomfortable?

    Your pain cave sounds like it will be an awesome place to train! Looking forward to reading your journey to IMFL!


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