On the 13th Day

So as of today I'm 13 days out from surgery.  Time flies.... like a lead weight!

I've been out and about, mostly just walking around, running light errands with my Hubs and Cass.  It's nice to get out of the house some. My head still feels a little foggy... like I'm in a bubble.  I don't know if it's just the changes post-op, or just being out of my regular routine, but I don't feel completely right in the head.  (Uhhh, no comments from the peanut gallery.  LOL).

I still have 1 of the 2 drains, which is a necessary pain in the butt, but hopefully it's going to come out in the next day or so.  I. Can't. Wait.  A little of the swelling has gone down and I'm starting to see some shape shifting happening... in a good way. 

This weekend, Cassie had a triathlon at COMBAT (College of the Mainland Bay Area Triathlon) on Saturday.  This was her first adult race; she competed as part of a relay team.  Cassie, MH and her Coach Evan from NextGen were on her team.  They got 2nd place on the mixed relay.  I can't tell you how proud I get when my little girl faces her nerves and crushes it!  She was a little nervous swimming between the adults, but she did it anyway.  She got a little hung-up behind a long stream of slow swimmers, but finished her 300m in 5:50-ish.  She even managed to navigate around 1 or two athletes.  :)

I did volunteer, but took it very easy.  I was a place holder for missing athletes on the swim start -- Just had to stand around and enjoy the company of my fellow triathletes.

Here's some pics from the race. 
Cassie on the Swim exit, sprinting to Transition. :)

Coach Evan (Bike), MH (Run) and Cassie (Swim), pre-race

Sunday wasn't much of anything.  More errands, Cassie had a girl scout party, and I had NextGen.  Again nothing strenuous -- just more standing around.  LOL

However Sunday we decided to make some changes at home, which all started with a plumbing issue on the second floor, causing a leak in the ceiling in our office on the first floor (over my desk, even!). 

So in trying to come up with creative ways to balance training, I need a place to easily setup my computrainer. A space that is somewhat private and somewhat free from "Mommy, can you...?"  Early morning rides during the week are going to be key for me to keep balance.  We decided that our office needed to move and that we would transform it into our Pain Cave!  It will be far enough from the bedrooms to keep stay quiet for those in the house NOT training for Ironman. LOL

So we got rid of our guest room, moved the play room to the guest room (Cassie is loving the door and privacy -- wouldn't every 8 year old?).  We moved the office to the old play room, leaving the old office for the Pain Cave.  I want to make that room so inspiring that no one could walk into it without wanting to be better when they walk out of it! It's going to be a fun project.  Cassie has already made me a poster with flaming skulls on it!  Haha!  Plus there will be room for 2+ bikes, so Darren can even ride with me!  Of course in all this, I say "we".  By "we", of course I mean that I pretty much just supervised; Darren and "TB" (Training Buddy) came by and helped Darren move everything.

Another day further along. :)


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