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Got To Start Somewhere!

After Dr. L. gave me to go-ahead to return to all things active, I didn't waste much time!  I contacted Cranky Coach, on the way home from my appointment, and asked if he would take me back.  :) Of course it wasn't as simple as a "Yes, I would love to coach you again!"  He had to be "difficult."  In the end, he can't help himself -- he's got to see me through IMFL in 2014. So are re-integrating me to triathlon society this month... you know, just to see where I'm at. I'm here to tell you that where I'm at feels pretty shit-tay.  :( It's starting over again.  I still have some very little fitness left, but it is hard.  It's hard enough to acclimate to the heat when you have already been running, never mind trying to START running again in this heat. With every tough workout, all that goes through my mind is, "Failing to prepare is preparing to fail."  I need to prepare for IMFL training, just like I need to pr