Got To Start Somewhere!

After Dr. L. gave me to go-ahead to return to all things active, I didn't waste much time!  I contacted Cranky Coach, on the way home from my appointment, and asked if he would take me back.  :)

Of course it wasn't as simple as a "Yes, I would love to coach you again!"  He had to be "difficult."  In the end, he can't help himself -- he's got to see me through IMFL in 2014.

So are re-integrating me to triathlon society this month... you know, just to see where I'm at.

I'm here to tell you that where I'm at feels pretty shit-tay.  :(

It's starting over again.  I still have some very little fitness left, but it is hard.  It's hard enough to acclimate to the heat when you have already been running, never mind trying to START running again in this heat.

With every tough workout, all that goes through my mind is, "Failing to prepare is preparing to fail."  I need to prepare for IMFL training, just like I need to prepare my meals and workout bag daily.  Without planning or preparation there is no success. 

My swimming is so-so.  Biking is pretty average and my running?  It just stinks.

I am, however, making progress everyday.  That's is what is important to focus on right now.  One day at a time.  Workout, by workout.

I did a 9 mile bike time trial last week and averaged 18.6.  Thank God I beat at least ONE of the two kids on the previous leader board.  That link is an article about them!!  Hahaha!  I think I beat the 10 year old.  Even more grateful they didn't show actually beat me in front of everyone.  :)

At my first swim workout, CC wanted  me to give him just 1x100 --  Just one to see where we were at.  I did it in 1:41 -- which I thought was a mistake, so I did it again to make sure, in 1:43. 

Running?  Cr@p! Back to 13-14 min miles, but at least I'm still running mile-to-mile and not walking during each mile stretch.  This will come back and get better, especially after my cadence increases back to where it was on the bike. My legs just need to remember how to turnover!  Oh, and incidentally, I did get a Houston Half Marathon lottery slot -- so I'm GOING to be running and it WILL get better. 

I have two races coming up in August; River Cities Triathlon and Summertime Blues.  I haven't decided yet on the Galveston 5i50, probably not though -- my running is just that bad right now, that to do a 10K would be living a nightmare.  I may do a relay... that would be fun. :)

Meet "Princess"
On the way out to River Cities I am going for a 2nd opinion on my bike fit.  I'm a little nervous, because I don't want someone to tell me my dream bike is not right for me.  However the bottom line is I can't train for IMFL and stay injury free if the bike does not fit right.

More exciting is that my airline tickets are booked for volunteering at IMFL and my vacation time approved.   We have such a great group of athletes going, including my training buddy.  :)


  1. this post makes me smile!
    This was my Facebook post yesterday
    Journey to Ironman. Here's what I need to take care of in next month: see ortho. Make appt with GIno @Function Smart PT, for run analysis to help prevent injury. Bike fit , find strength training class or routine to do on own. No, make that a class. Swim. Maybe a coached session to correct pull. I'm stuck in a car, so jotting this down for me to take action

    I love my bike. I have now. At mile 40 something my tri bike was killing me and I don't want to be in that situation again, so I too am having a fit with a guy who does the Reutel (spelling)

    Always nice to read a post from you!


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