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Race Report: 2013 Summertime Blues

Yes... I raced two weekends in row.  That's why they call me the come back kid! :)

I've always volunteered for STB and never raced it. CC is now one of the Race Directors.  I had an entry for the race last year, but got real sick, so they let me defer to this year.

Post Rivercities my knee was pretty jacked up.  Couldn't really do much besides swim and bike.  Tried a treadmill run, but it was painful.  Had Doc T.  work on it, and by the time race day came it was just Okay.

My 500m swim felt like it should have been a lot better than it actually was.  I was shooting for 2:15/100m,.  That should have had me out of the water under 12 minutes.  I am completely capable of 2:15/100m, so I was a little bummed when my time was 13:30.

My bike felt pretty good just under 16 miles in 54 minutes, include a short, but totally steep bridge, which I was not prepared for!  Let's just say it was a long 4mph climb, only to go 32 mph on the downside!  It was totally fun!!!

My run, again…

Race Report: 2013 Rivercities Triathlon

A bit behind, but here's my race report for my first race back, post-surgery!

I didn't have very high expectations, as I've only been back to training about 4-5 weeks... and really swimming for the last 4 only.  I have done little to nothing endurance-like, unless you count working crazy hours, since December.  Suffice it to say It's a long road back.

We (me, Cranky Coach and Amy) took the long-way to Rivercities and passed through Lafayette.  Cranky Coach's friend, Mark Miller, owns and operates Precision Bikes.  CC has always spoken highly of Mark, and I needed the 2nd opinion that "Princess" is the right by for me.  I was concerned that my previous fitter knew how much I loved the bike that he was forcing it to work for me.  With IMFL training staring at me starting this November, I needed to make sure the bike was right for me.  I was happy to hear Mark say the bike was good for me, but fit even better after he made a few tweaks (a new, shorter stem,…

Bucket List

I will get to cross at least one of my list in 2014, but in a perfect world, free of having to work and earning a buck, I would love to do any of these races...

What's on your bucket list?

Here's a few of mine... Probably won't get to them all and will have to see how this list shakes out after IMFL 2014!

Ironman Florida (in 2014)
Kona (Lottery Slot) -- a girl can dream, right?
Ironman New Zealand
Nautica Malibu
New York City Triathlon
Oceanside 70.3
Buffalo Springs 70.3
Vineman 70.3
Rev3 Cedarpoint
Boulder Peak
Lake Tahoe Ironman
Any one of the NYC Swims Libery Island Swim, Manhattan Relay Swim or Brooklyn Bridge Swim
FKCC Swim Around Key West