Race Report: 2013 Rivercities Triathlon

A bit behind, but here's my race report for my first race back, post-surgery!

I didn't have very high expectations, as I've only been back to training about 4-5 weeks... and really swimming for the last 4 only.  I have done little to nothing endurance-like, unless you count working crazy hours, since December.  Suffice it to say It's a long road back.

We (me, Cranky Coach and Amy) took the long-way to Rivercities and passed through Lafayette.  Cranky Coach's friend, Mark Miller, owns and operates Precision Bikes.  CC has always spoken highly of Mark, and I needed the 2nd opinion that "Princess" is the right by for me.  I was concerned that my previous fitter knew how much I loved the bike that he was forcing it to work for me.  With IMFL training staring at me starting this November, I needed to make sure the bike was right for me.  I was happy to hear Mark say the bike was good for me, but fit even better after he made a few tweaks (a new, shorter stem, moved the seat).  My bike is so much more comfortable already, I can hardly believe it!

Rivercities is always fun.  We have a great group that goes every year.  I have a pretty uneventful race report, for the most part :)

My swim was okay at 23 minutes for 800m; just a couple minutes slower than last year.  My best time at RC was 20 minutes for the swim... worst time is 28 minutes.  I'll take it. Considering I've not been back to training more than a month.  
Cranky Coach & Amy
Amy clearly needs help with her BOOM face.

I suppose I had one of those super-secret goals, for the bike, on the 18 miles of rolling hills.  I'm always just shy of breaking an average of 18 mph hour on this course.  I had no basis on which to have this expectation, so when I finished in 1:02 (again) I was a little bummed.  Plan was to take it easy on the uphills and pedal fast and hard on the downhill.  That's what I did. 

When I finished the bike, I felt surprisingly good to start the run.  My knee had been nagging me since running in PA, but if I ran/walked I could keep the pain under control.  Finished my walk/run in 44 minutes...

Here's the fun though. I knew I wasn't a contender to place at this event.  There were 20 Athenas registered and generally this race brings the fast ones out.  In the last few hundred meters I spotted another Athena in front of me and started pacing her quietly.  I made a move, just because, and passed her a little bit from the finish.  Unfortunately I started my "attack" a little too soon and thought I was going to die.  LOL

I hung on and finished.  Yay!  The girl?  She never even challenged me.  Bummer. :(

The race ends, we're all happy and ready to head home.  CC takes 3rd in his age group.  Amy and I grab our gear and head to the truck.  We move the truck closer and wait for CC to come. He walks up with 3 plaques in his hand.  One of them was mine!  They went 4 deep in Athena!  Kinda strange, 4 deep, but who cares, right?  If I didn't get that wild hair and pass that chick, I wouldn't have gotten it.  So that was cool :)

The entire time I was just grateful to be doing Tris again.  

As usual Rivercities is always nicely done.  I love the shaded run through the park of tall trees.  The bike course has the "right" rolling hills to make it fun and the swim is fine -- no complaints.  The swag is generally awesome, and there was a lot of it this year, but it seems maybe the quality wasn't the same, but even still, way more than you get at any other race, for sure.  I did miss the themed race tee-shirt and didn't really care much for the technical tee... quality or color.

All that said, I never regret choosing this race as a destination race.  Ever.

Can't wait until 2014.


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