Tuesday, December 10, 2013

In a Blink!

Whoah!  Where did the last 3 weeks go?  Like that, they're gone!

There hasn't been much training going on with a much-needed family vacation to NJ and then a week of travel for work.  Add to that, living with the worst cold I've had in a very long time and it's an awful recipe for training. 

I've caught myself shaking my head a number of times,
"How am I going to find the time?"
"How is my family going to live with me through the next 11 months?"
"Where's this money going to come from?"
"Do I really NEED a computrainer?" 
"Do I really NEED a powertap for my Training wheel AND my race wheel?"
"Are Quarqs really THAT quirky?"

I am "running" the Houston Half.  It's going to be painful and long. It will not be a great performance, but I'll dig deep and do the best that I can on that day.  My mileage is not anywhere near where it should be and that's sad.  I feel badly I'm using a lottery slot that someone is upset they didn't get, maybe to run maybe their first or their 20th half marathon.  Sometimes that thought is what pushes me to get out there when I don't have a real reason I can't get my run in.  

Running, you and I need to get chummy.  Seriously.  Let's do coffee and have a serious chat.  I really want to know you better and enjoy your company.  We've got some long runs coming up!

My race schedule is still coming together for the next year.  Looks like I am going to relay Galveston 70.3 and do the Gulf Coast 70.3, in full.  I am excited about GC70.3 because it's the IMFL course, just half of it.  I get the same swim, bike and run. 

Being sick, I've had some help with some clean-er eating.  Still not perfect, but better.  Need to work on that and start journaling my food again... there will be some boring posting going on, but I always do better noting it down. 

A bit of half/half for way too much coffee
2 eggs
1/2 sweet potato

AM Snack
Need for Seed Picky Bar

Grilled Chicken & Broccoli

PM Snack

Turkey Meatloaf & Green beans

Tonight I have a 1 hr. easy ride, which I think I can manage, even at the end of this illness.  :)

Now to work....