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Meatballs and Monday

Quick entry to get caught up.  I had a good week of training last week, missing just 1 workout in the end.  Gotta keep it going.  I am starting to get my routine back.  It feels good.  When I left Masters, last week, and was driving to work, I felt noticeably happier than usual.

I had a good, hard run on Saturday night.  It was a good effort on a night time run.  Running at the end of the day for me is always a challenge.  I run out of time, or am too tired.  I figure I might as well get used to running at night -- I'll be doing a lot of that on November 1st.

Today is a recovery swim, and boy do I need it.  Ugh!  Everything is sore!!

Tried some new recipes this week from the Well Fed book.  I made Czech Meatballs, Chocolate Chili and Meat Muffins.  I also made my own recipe of roasted tomatillo sauce and some verde chicken in the slow cooker.  It all came out pretty good.  Bonus was Cassie even liked the Chili!!!!

We had our annual "Funnest Run Ever" -- Since I…

Breakfast 1/3

Breakfast today was delish, although it is probably more of brunch entree to some.
Baked sweet potato
2 scrambled eggs
Topped with Crockpot Salsa Verde chicken
Sounds brunch-is,  but good! 
Crockpot Salsa Verde Chicken 2 packages organic chicken tenderloins 1 15oz jar of "clean" Salsa Verde (or make your own!) Salt/Pepper
Dump chicken in crockpot, sprinkle with salt/pepper, top with salsa verde. Cook on low for 4 hours. 

Lunch 1/2

Homemade Roast Beef w/fresh peas and carrots! Okay,  I know peas are not paleo legal,  but they are fresh and no one gets fat from eating peas.  :)

Let's Be Frank...

Had a couple of discussions with CC... actually he really wasn't a Cranky Coach -- he told me what I needed to hear.

Ever since my skin removal, almost 6 months ago, I hoped I'd feel *different* where running was concerned.  Biking and swimming feel eaiser, but running it just sucks the freakin' life out of me right now. Might have something to do with a lack of training.  Doh.

Having set inappropriate expectations, my motivation dropped and I experienced a slight depression.  Not like I'm-going-to-kill-myself kind of depression, just disappointed.  I was somewhat realistic in that I knew it wouldn't be magical like a Unicorn, but I did expect it to feel different, better.

The last few months have been a whirlwind of travel, work and family obligations -- If I wasn't busy I was sick.  I was getting sick and tired of being busy or sick.  Couple that with the lack of motivation and the few opportunities I did have to make choices to train, I didn't.

There wer…

Morning Snack

Just before 11am.
1/2 apple
10 Pecans from my mother-in-law's Tree!   So fresh.   So good!!

Breakfast 1/2

Turkey scramble and baked Spaghetti Squash
Turkey Scramble
Fresh parsley
Lemon juice Lean Ground Turkey Brown lean ground Turkey and Rotel.    Add in lightly beaten eggs and stir until eggs are cooked.    Add fresh parsley and juice of a lemon.
I make this in volume and it lasts for a week.   Makes for a super easy breakfast.  :) Baking the squash is silly easy!   
Just cut the squash in half (this can be the hardest part!) and brush a little EVOO the open sides.  Dust with salt,  pepper,  garlic powder and onion powder.   Place face down in a large piece of tin foil and wrap tightly.   Bake at 350  for 90 mins.   I find cooking it long and slow makes for a better,  softer,  texture.