Meatballs and Monday

Quick entry to get caught up.  I had a good week of training last week, missing just 1 workout in the end.  Gotta keep it going.  I am starting to get my routine back.  It feels good.  When I left Masters, last week, and was driving to work, I felt noticeably happier than usual.

I had a good, hard run on Saturday night.  It was a good effort on a night time run.  Running at the end of the day for me is always a challenge.  I run out of time, or am too tired.  I figure I might as well get used to running at night -- I'll be doing a lot of that on November 1st.

Today is a recovery swim, and boy do I need it.  Ugh!  Everything is sore!!

Czech meatballs from Well Fed
Tried some new recipes this week from the Well Fed book.  I made Czech Meatballs, Chocolate Chili and Meat Muffins.  I also made my own recipe of roasted tomatillo sauce and some verde chicken in the slow cooker.  It all came out pretty good.  Bonus was Cassie even liked the Chili!!!!

We had our annual "Funnest Run Ever" -- Since I'm not racing, I supported.  We do a few miles of the Houston Marathon/Half Marathon course, for visualization... we end up at the actual finish in front of the GRB where you are expected to practice your finish line moves.  Good times.  Good company.

While Masters is going well I decided not to get up early this morning... I needed the sleep.  Coach provided me (conveniently) with a workout I can do on my own. Need to lift some weights too!

I don't think I've seen a Tedx Talk that hasn't left me feeling inspired for change.  I watched this Ted talk and it makes perfect sense.  I used to be a better journal-er and always used to write down 3 things I was grateful for.  Not sure why those have slacked off over the years.  May need to start this again. 


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