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What's Happening???

For one, it is less than 11 weeks from IMFL.

How's my training going?

Very carefully and very s-l-o-w-l-y.  Back in May I was attacked by a dog in three different spots.  It required an ER visit and stitches.  The trauma caused by the bite to my leg was likely making the recovery of my Achilles Tendonit... wait, no, Peroneal Tedonitis, NO... Achilles...

Yeah, what she said. 

See, we (Podiatrist, Ortho or DC) weren't at all sure what was happening.  The only thing we knew is that I could not run without pain in back of my heel.  I started treating my Achilles again, and things are improving very slowly. 

I've been swimming and biking -- and both are going okay.  I am still missing at least a bike session a week, which I really hate to own up to, but I am on track to have average times that will leave me enough time for the walk/run I will need to do.

Sure, I wish I was more committed to my training.  I mean, I had these visions of being capable of dedicating 15 hours a wee…