Habits - The Good, The Bad, The Forgotten

Improving on everything comes down to changing habits.  Good habits can slide off from time-to-time, but when you want to make a change the good habit must follow.

I find, sometimes, it's easy just to make the whole change in one fell swoop, sometimes it's in stages.

Right now I'm doing it in stages.

21 days to form, or return to, a good habit. Good habits take practice.  I try to remember it's only tough in the beginning... then it gets easier as the habit becomes permanent.

I started back training (lifting) with "Big Fred"  (BF). BF knows my history -- I trained with him prior to and immediately following my RNY surgery. That's been going well, now that we got a schedule down.  He kicks my butt twice a week and has provided me 3 other workouts I can do on my own at least 1 other day a week.  My swimming will take care of my cardio, along with time walking the track during Cassie's swim practice.

I saw a new Podiatrist this week and I am, we are, hopeful.  I do have the big 4 though -- he told me I scored a 100%.  Hammer Toes, Bunion, Heel Spurs and a Neuroma. The Neuroma is what is causing my pain now and we will begin treating it.  we'll get the inflammation down and then cast my feet for orthotics.  How soon I get back to running will be determined by how quickly we can get the swelling down.  Building back-up will be SLOW!  Great!! Because I have he "slow" part down.


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