Found this poem on a site for non-abusing parents of sexually abused children.  I have been searching for some support groups for my Mom. 

My Mom is really, really, struggling.  I've read in several places that this type of news can result in PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).  She needs to talk to someone.   I can't persuade her. 

I am just so sad for her.   I don't even know how I would deal with this pile of bricks we dropped.  :(

I just keep telling her I love her.  I just praying she will find some peace.

From childhood to adulthood

Being born is where it all starts,
With a child’s pure and tiny parts,
Into the air and light of the world,
Parents and family who should be so proud.

The steps through childhood begin,
To grow in mind, body and soul from within,
A time to feel valued, encouraged and safe,
Wherever in the world this experience takes place.

The big steps to crawl, walk and run,
Make sounds, talk, sing and have fun,
When dreams are fresh and full of innocence,
Awake to the tooth fairy and find fifty pence.

A time to feel secure, nurtured and happy,
A time for worlds of imagination and fantasy,
A time for creativity, laughter and play,
With a carefree attitude each and every day.

A time to absorb, learn and grow,
To flourish, shine and let everybody know,
With all this being surrounded by love and care,
No other experience can compare.

With one act this is all taken away,
That innocence and pureness gone in one day,
The joy and happiness of childhood soon fade,
The foundations of confusion and pain have been laid.

The world now looks scary and the light turns to dark,
With only an uphill struggle to embark,
Welcome to adulthood without any say,
How cruel for someone to take childhood away.

By Kim May


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