What's happening THIS week.

This week started out with a *bang* yesterday doing the 70.3 in Galveston.  Now, if I'm keeping it real, I only trained about a month for the swim so I wasn't completely deserving of a great swim time.  I'm good with that.  You get out what you put in.

It was a really tough race for everyone, including the pros, who were rolling behind their normal performance (so they say).  The swim was the easiest of all the years I've done this race, and my my worst time.  In the end the swim took me 48 minutes.  I think my best time in Galveston was 43.

The swim was wetsuit optional and I chose to move to the wetsuit wave.  With 50+ relays, we weren't in contention for anything, so we kept it light and fun.  I was a bit uncomfortable until the first turn, but then found my pace.  I swam, what seemed, pretty darned straight.  So straight that I wished I wore my Garmin.  And I didn't wear my Garmin, well, because I didn't want to suck the fun out of it. and see bad data.  LOL

Sooo, my little 1.2 mile swim may have bumped up the mercury on my tri-hard-o-meter.  I'm feeling more positive and motivated to get back to it.  Face it, I can't keep my head in the sand much longer... IMFL was not the end of it all.  So it wasn't the race that I wanted, it could be just the beginning, if I let it.

This week:
- Eat clean
- 5 workouts
- Choose a target race
- Pick up Orthotic from Dr.

Continue top secret planning for world domination with my partner-in-crime.  Oh yeah.  Big stuff.



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